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Posted by myrcmodel | Feb 24, 2014 @ 04:58 AM | 10,874 Views
ARRIS Electric RC Multicopter Retractable Landing Skid for Mutlicopters is available now.

Slow Retraction: the use of slow retraction mode can effectively avoid vibration caused by multicopter frame during fast movement of the landing gear.

Locking Mode: the landing skid will be automatically locked in a place when it has been raised or lowered to a preset position.

Safely Launch: when the power is on, the retractable landing skid will be in lower place and locked by default no mater whether the radio is on or where the channel to control the landing skid is.

Failsafe Down Lock: If the receiver is no reaction after losing its signal for 3 seconds during flying, the retractable landing skid will perform the following steps:
1. if transmitter or receiver doesn`t have failsafe function, then landing skid will automatically down and lock; when transmitter works again, it will get into corresponding retraction or spread position according to switch status of transmitter.

2. if transmitter or receiver has failsafe function, the landing skid will work according to order preset in radio set

There are 3 different sizes of block clamps.

Posted by myrcmodel | Feb 11, 2014 @ 04:54 AM | 9,211 Views
X-CAM KongCopter 450 Frame Kit AQ450 is available now!

- Module: KongCopter AQ450
- Wheelbase: 450mm
- Weight about 600g
- Propeller size: 12 inch

Recommended Configuration(Not included):
- Motor: TM2814
- Propeller:12xx
- Battery: 4S 5000mAh
- Gimbal: X-CAM X100B+ with GOPRO3 280g
- Flight 12 Minutes
- Total weight: 2kg with all electronic equipment and battery

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