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Posted by FR4-Pilot | Jun 13, 2019 @ 05:26 PM | 1,973 Views
It's frustrating how much this helicopter sucks no matter where I fly it

Posted by FR4-Pilot | Jul 19, 2017 @ 10:31 PM | 6,945 Views

I was saddened and shocked when I discovered a really nice guy from my flying field passed away. I was clicking around on the internet looking for Illinois RC flying field information when I stumbled across his obituary.

It suddenly became painfully clear why I haven't seen him at the field in a very long time.

If you flew at Fullerton RC Helicopter Field more than once chances are you met Gary. I first met him in August of 2010 when I started visiting the field. He was a great person to talk to, always had helpful suggestions and fantastic stories to tell. NIRCHA, Al's Hobby Shop, Fun-Flys, Al Gore, etc. Through conversation I got a glimpse of the activities that used to take place there years ago. Once again I was late to the game.

He had a bright orange and yellow Mini-Titan e325SE, a Futaba 8 channel radio, and a Sears Craftsman tool/flight box. He inspired me to build my first kit heli, a Mini-Titan. I liked his tool/flight box so I ended up with a gray one - just like his red and black one.

Gary had a HUGE impact on my journey with RC Helicopters. He was there the day I saw my first 600 size scale helicopter in 2012. Soon after I would begin my own semi-scale 550 build, but unfortunately I didn't finish it until this year. I really wanted to show it to Gary, and had been looking for him, on weekends, at the field, for a few years now. In addition I had to intervene as Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. I had no idea he passed away....Continue Reading
Posted by FR4-Pilot | May 09, 2017 @ 08:23 PM | 4,866 Views
Time to get some more flights on this heli. Plenty of skins to keep from getting bored
Swapped the HS-55 cyclic servos with HS-65MGs (Thanks Trini92/Mark!).
Changed from DX6i to DX6 G2.
Swapping out HobbyWing Platinum 40A ESC with Castle Creations Talon 35.
Changed the white/stock/heavy paddles to the green/lightweight paddles.
Changed the 11T pinion to a 12T. Now gov. headspeeds in the 2600+ range are possible.
Perhaps a new motor too (the $12 Excel Alpha 400 is still going strong however).
Received a new LemonRX 6-Ch DSMX receiver & satellite to replace the old DSM2 pair.