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Posted by shigetyann | Feb 18, 2012 @ 10:01 AM | 6,971 Views
Hi all
I still have been modifying a s288 ICON-A5 by Hobby King or DZ-Hobby; its origin seems the same.
Now I'm seeking the suitable angle of motor thrust. From many experiences of landing, I got more up-thrust adding a wood block.
It works better. When I move the throttle down quickly, the plane didn't apt to its nose up.
Posted by shigetyann | Feb 03, 2012 @ 09:50 AM | 8,350 Views
Hi all

I was asked about the mixing way to touch down more easily on s288 ICON-A5.
So I descided to open my mixing program widely.
The s288 ICON-A5 has a tendency that when you cut a motor power suddenly from horizontal flight, itís inclined to nose up. The tendency is not big though, itís a little difficulty to descend the plane without any control.
If you are accustomed to fly R/C airplane, you may have elevator down slightly to keep its speed, or to make it to be in a gradual decline.
The Mixing from throttle position to elevator makes control a little easier.
The throttle curve from -100% to -75% has gradual gradient. This range matches to the plane keep a speed and gentle declination to touch down.
You should not to flare just at touchdown, or the plane starts porpoise.
The easy avoiding way from porpoise is to power off immediately when the plane has a first touchdown.
Letís enjoy!
ICON A5 very best of touch and go (3 min 40 sec)