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Posted by shigetyann | Feb 23, 2011 @ 06:34 AM | 9,011 Views
Itís the pretty tragedy in New Zealand attacked by the epicentral earthquake.
I'm pretty sorry.
Also in Japan weíre afraid of some big earthquakes in near future.

BTW this winter is not normal in Japan.
My area is known as warmer than near north areas in the same prefecture though, snow is pretty rear.
On the morning I couldnít help shooting FPV near my house. And I got it.
Iím pretty happy to open this movie. Please enjoy this short footage.

Rare Scenery from the sky Snowing on Nishimikawa 西三河の雪 (2 min 7 sec)

Posted by shigetyann | Feb 22, 2011 @ 01:03 PM | 9,045 Views
It's my pleasure to introduce a tiny electric seaplane.
It's wingspan is only 640mm and its weight is only 200gram with 2cell, 450mAh Lipo.
This tiny plane, Macchi-M33 Savoiya mod, is a kit released by Arcadia. It's cool. Kunidon who take my planes videos anytime made this. This seaplane has 50CX class brushless motor and 450mAh 2cell Lipo. It flies easy as its small size, without when it turns, it's easy to be spiral dive though.
Please enjoy the movie.

ラジコン水上機 サボイヤ Macchi M33 MOD Savoia (6 min 11 sec)

Posted by shigetyann | Feb 10, 2011 @ 06:34 AM | 9,219 Views
Hi! Everyone
I introduce one of my scale gas model planes, SKHOI 31, an aerobatics plane.
This model, mounted an OS .90 4st, is RTF (means Ready To Fly but for me Ready To Fight, because of many modifying) that had released by HIROBO as famous R/C helicopter.
I modified especially around cockpit. Meters have been scaled down correctly, by reporting the real, drown using a soft PowerPoint then translate pdf files, brought to a local photo shop (absolutely not a program name), developed and adjusted to the model size. Also the fuselage around cockpit, I replaced from wood (mainly balsa) to carbonate pipes for skeletons. Finally I added smoke system.
As its length of fuselage is shorter than standard model planes, itís easy to do snap rolls, spins also lamcevak! (see a picture; flying sideways)
In 2003, I plumped Jurgis and also Svetlana about their deeds at HAUTE VOLTIGE held at MOTEGI in Japan.
Thanks Jurgis for allowing taking many pictures of Su-31 willingly.
Two flying pictures were taken by my clubís member.
In a picture, magazines are fakes, smaller than genuine. (sorry)
Iíll take movies of this model doing some maneuvers.