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Posted by pilotCEC | Aug 27, 2017 @ 05:35 PM | 1,694 Views
Bought this early in 2016 with the hope of just installing my rx and go flying, but no it wasn't to be too much needed to be sorted out on it for my piece of mind. She is 82 1/2" wingspan and weighs approx 15lbs powered by a Laser 150.
Maidened on the 13 Aug 2017, engine wasn't running very well but thought i would chance it anyway she flew very well just a tad of down trim after a few circuits the engine cut out when doing a lowish fly by, so landing was needed what a floater landed in the rough and extra runway length away undamaged.
During the following week striped out the fuel lines to find that small bore lines had been used so replaced, also changed the lines in the tank and clean the carb. Today Sunday 27 Aug took her to the field fueled up she started straight away idled nice with a bit of tweaking at the top end very nice idle and pick up now. Two flights later i'm very happy my first large scale flying experience so sedate but quite fast now i need to set the flaps up.
Posted by pilotCEC | Jun 19, 2017 @ 04:01 PM | 2,906 Views
Bought this a couple of years ago now with the intention of flying it straight away, it was advertised as ready to fly. When i got it home and had a good inspection of it found that the retracts were loose and would never have held up to a bumpy take off, not only that the electric motor that were installed only put out just under 300watts per motor so under powered. I was informed by the seller that it had flown on 2 4st nitros but i cannot see any fuel staining anywhere.
Specs of her now are:-
Wingspan ...............82 1/2 inch
Length .....................55 1/2 inch
Final weight...........10lb 5oz
Motors ...................2 x EMAX GT2825/06
Batterys ................2 x Dynamic 4s 3200mah (1 on each motor)

Test results recorded are as follows:-
16.72V.......15.09VM.......0.097AH........25.27AP. ......387.8WP........1.5WH Using a Turnagy watt meter
Master Airscrew 3 Bladed 10x7 props cw and ccw rotation
9100 rpm with 5.6lbs static thrust
Hopefully this will be OK
Posted by pilotCEC | Feb 28, 2016 @ 04:04 PM | 3,619 Views
Hi Fellow flyers, just finished my latest project the Fun Cub. Thought i would have a go at this mainly because the strip that i fly form is quite rough and my nitros with their smaller wheels are taking a pounding. Plus it looks quite a bit of fun being slow enough for a trainer and having enough power for basic 3D Manoeuvres.
Motor is an E-Flite power 10.
Battery 3s 2200 Dynamic.
Weighs in at 1234gms.
Just finished setting my Taranis up with it must be getting brain dead as it took quite a while to get the flaps and elevator set up as i wanted, but done now so maiden coming soon.
Posted by pilotCEC | Jan 10, 2015 @ 05:16 PM | 5,453 Views
Hi all, decided to have a go at a wing so i put together the flite test FT Versa Wing 39".
Built out of Depron don't know how it will stand up to a bit of punishment, but will give it a try. Launching looks quite interesting as have not launched this type of plane before .
At the moment havn't maidened, Sorry guys airbrushed TP instead of FT (blonde moment).
Equipment used

Motor - Emax 2822 1200 kv
ESC - Flyfun 18a
Servos - 2 Tower pro 9g
Props - Not sure yet a APC 7x4 gives me 110 watts at about 8 amps, or an APC 8x6 gives me 170watts at 14amps motor rated up to 16 amps.
Weight 13oz (380g) approx
Lipo 2200mah 172g
Turnagy RX switch for the leds they draw 0.8amps
Posted by pilotCEC | May 15, 2014 @ 04:16 PM | 5,200 Views
Brought this on E-Bay and was hoping to get straight up and flying with her, but she needs quite a bit of TLC. So now i have put my lanc on hold for the time being to have a go at my first large scale aircraft all 82" of her , only just fits in my car thank goodness.
Posted by pilotCEC | Dec 09, 2013 @ 04:51 PM | 4,931 Views
Hi all Having a go at building a Lanc would love a big nitro one but as cost is out of my limits this is the next best thing.
Plans from Outerzone 74" scaled to 60"
6 and 3mm Depron
Electric Retracts Small turigy ? maybe hand launch to keep weight down no retracts ?
Motors prob 4 blue wonders either 1300kv or 1500kv
AUW - At the moment Fuz 71g Wing 65g Tailplane 30g no idea of final...Continue Reading
Posted by pilotCEC | Oct 19, 2013 @ 07:51 AM | 5,456 Views
Here's my attempt at a quad
450 between motors
10mm arms
1/16 ply centre pieces
Hobbyking 24g 1300kv motors
Hobbyking 12amp esc
KK2.0 board ATM not flashed so 1.2 Firmware
Hobbyking distribution board
using atm 8x4.5 sf props cut down to 7x4.5
Dynamic 2200mah 3s Battery
Plus lights
Radio is a Futaba 7cap converted to Frsky
Posted by pilotCEC | Sep 24, 2013 @ 02:25 PM | 5,324 Views
Finally started to resurect my nitro's, this one the Fun Fly on my flight log last flew on 22/10/1995 thats almost 18yrs ago OMG where does time go.
Radio :- Jr X388 converted to the frsky system.
Enya ss40.
Test flew on sunday 22/9/13 no problems at all had forgotten how much quicker these are than the foamies that i've been flying.
Posted by pilotCEC | Aug 19, 2013 @ 01:57 PM | 8,188 Views
Having a go at restoring my late farther's paddle boat, i remember we never managed to sort out the drive so it got left on the shelf gathering dust. Now some 8 yrs later going to have another go, hopeing to gleen some info from the boat forums. This myself and my mother would love to see on the water chugging away. My hobby is r/c aircraft so this is going to be very different and difficult to do.
Have had to sell her now :-( as do not have the time or skills to get her on the water, I hope the new owner will send me some pics of her finished and on the water,
Posted by pilotCEC | Jul 28, 2013 @ 04:40 PM | 5,628 Views
Brought one of these just for a bit of fun forgot to edit the sound level down so please turn volume down.
The Hubsan X4 (3 min 57 sec)
i'm now hooked will hopefully have a go at building a larger proper quad (Drone). Got the KK2 board now need to save some pennys for the other bits.
Posted by pilotCEC | Jul 11, 2013 @ 04:47 PM | 5,336 Views
My first try at a PNP EDF jet aircraft.
64mm EDF Fan
Motor ? (standard as in kit)
30amp esc
11.1v 1300mah 3cell lipo
JR x388 with frsky module
Frsky V8R7-II reciever

Had the maiden on Sunday 7/713, couldn't wish for a better maiden flight it was sweet apart from the sun on my right. Just a couple of clicks right and down don't know what i was worried about for. One happy pilot
AMX Maiden (1 min 50 sec)

Posted by pilotCEC | Jan 01, 2013 @ 12:03 PM | 6,276 Views
Here's my try:-
Turnagy 2204-14t
8 x 4 sf prop
2 x Sg 50 servo's
1 x Sg 90 servo
2s 400mah JP Energ lipo
Closed loop on Elevatorgone to pushrod
Auw 197 grams

2nd Flight video
Morback F3P (4 min 31 sec)

Posted by pilotCEC | Aug 17, 2012 @ 02:55 PM | 5,985 Views
Here's my Semff Spitfire built from the Semff combat thread.
Motor 2208/18
Esc 15 amp
prop 7x6
Pulling 3.4 amp
Lipo 2s 400mah
Auw 9 oz
Flight times approx 7 mins
Pics and the Maiden video
Depron 29in Semff Spitfire (3 min 44 sec)

Posted by pilotCEC | Mar 31, 2012 @ 06:27 PM | 5,623 Views
Here's my try at Davereap's easy build Vulcan
Added a Kfm step on top of wing at about 50%
3 tp sg90 servos
2208 18 turn motor with 18amp escBW 1700 kv Hobbywing 12A esc
Bare airframe weight no paint 6 3/4 ozs
Final AUW 15 3/4 oz Now 13oz (358g)
Video of first flight
Vulcan to the sky (2 min 34 sec)