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Posted by A Useless Geek | Oct 22, 2011 @ 02:12 PM | 32,309 Views
Well, okay, I do seem to make an awful lot of these "loaner" planes, but I keep running into people who need something like this to learn how to fly. This is something I whipped together from cutoffs from other planes. I wanted to make something pretty light without resorting to "exotic" parts and materials.

To that end I used standard 6 mm Pink, 14.5 mm Pink Foamular (the old, light, soft stuff) for the fuse, a bamboo shish kebab skewer to keep the back end from breaking off, and some other standard junk. The light ply for the motor mount plate and backing plate are cutoffs from bigger planes. The piece of EPP for the motor shock mount is just plain scrap, it's so small. I heated up some used Velcro to make it stick to various places on the airframe, but used new stuff for the battery mount. 0.032" piano wire through coffee stirs forms the control setup.

The tail surfaces are held on with Beacon Fabri-Tac. The main wing is held together with foamed-up yellow Gorilla Glue in the center. The wing is held to the fuse with toothpicks and CA. The bottom of the fuse is taped with 3M Extreme tape to keep it stiff and to prevent landing rash. (The 1/2" Pink stuff is really, really soft.)

This plane came out a little heavier than I really wanted, but that's what happens when you use standard materials rather than 3 mm Depron, CF, and other stuff that costs a bunch of money. I'm trying to get some building techniques down for the use of those...Continue Reading