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Posted by day o | Dec 29, 2017 @ 01:38 AM | 9,035 Views
My new VTX finally showed up. It took 18days to get from NJ to CO. What the heck, BG??? With this final component, I stripped her down and rebuilt it. The horrible horrible horrible FPV rig from Full Speed was yanked. So was the beeper. In went an Eachine VTX03, Foxeer Arrow Micro v2, a traditional button style beeper, and since I was in there anyways, I salvaged the 4-LED strip from my Eachine QX95 to help me with my LOS flying.

The cam was mounted into some new holes that I drilled forward of the existing cam holes. I gained about 1.5mm by scootching the camera forward. The power for the cam comes straight from the lipo, since it has a huge input voltage range. The VTX03 is powered from the original camera pads. The VTX lays down on top of the FC, and then the XM+ receiver lays down on top of the VTX.
Posted by day o | Dec 09, 2017 @ 12:50 AM | 7,499 Views
...only to sit back on the bench two packs later. The first pack was spent on LOS flying during the shakedown after replacing the ESC board. On the second pack, I strapped on the goggles but forgot to turn on airmode. DOH! A hard crash upside down into some loose rocks resulted in some magnets rattling around inside motors 2 and 3. This is getting ridiculous.