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Posted by v22chap | Feb 26, 2016 @ 05:30 PM | 20,890 Views
It has the wren 44 turbine / SK 360 FC with a Spartan 670 tail gyro ,, BLS251 futaba DS tail servo, and JR DS 8717's cyclic .
Low hours ( 10 hrs) It really flies great ..and the sound of a turbine is just awesome .
It has only been flown normal type helicopter flight - no crashes .I really hate to sell it but life is getting in the road right now , so I would rather it go to a new home where it gets a chance to get off the shelf .

I need to get 4850.00 plus shipping on this ... don't really need to sell ,,but hate not being able to find enough time /energy to fly it .
Will be some what broke down to save on shipping as it is big ....Continue Reading