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Posted by VicT | May 29, 2017 @ 05:21 PM | 4,390 Views
I don't know why model designers use belly doors to load and unload battery's. They must not be users or flyers. Every time you flip the model over it's an accident waiting to happen. I've seen countless Apprentices get their fin bent because it contacts the ground or plane holder. You apply force getting the battery strapped or un strapped and there is more unneeded stress on the fin. The fin gets fatigued and over time fails and you lose a plane. We have overhead fans at our club work tables and everyone has hit the fan with a wing tip when inverting a model like the Apprentice, Timber Valiant 1.4, etc. A few designs like the Pandora and Sensei have top doors and are much easier and safer to operate. I spent about 2 hrs converting my second Apprentice club trainer to a top battery hatch located just aft of the main wing spar. Now that I know what to do it will probably take less than one hour to complete.
First thing I did was use my criss cross bungee wing hold down bands to a fore and aft arrangement with no criss cross. The loops that I made are tight enough to not slip off the wing hold down ends but easy enough to remove the front loops. The rear loops stay connected and I never lose one like the individual bands that come with the Apprentice. I dont use 6 but two on the left and two on the right. This method allows a door for battery ops to hinge open to get to the fuselage radio area.

I did not lower the receiver or servos but did low temp...Continue Reading
Posted by VicT | May 05, 2017 @ 09:53 PM | 5,054 Views
Nice to have Timber mods
Originally Posted by Red Flyer
Hello all,

Couple of Q's

1) Are there any "must do" mods required for this model?

2) Would this be a reasonable model for my friend (he does fly um's solo) to learn on via buddy box?

3) Any other pertinent information that you'd like to share?

Thanks in advance,

I prefer the Apprentice S and the Timber for initial and re-qualification training. The Self Level (Beginner Mode) and wireless buddy box make flying easier and less stressful for both the instructor and student. I consider them "must haves".

There are no "must do" mods for the Timber but "nice to have" mods such as;
Top battery hatch makes loading the battery easier because you don't have to invert the plane on to the dirt, grass, table or plane holder. This mod takes the weight off the top of the model and puts the weight on the bottom/wheels where it should be. While you have the hatch removed you can add balsa to add strength to the nose area. The hatch can easily hold a low voltage battery alarm that you can see and hear easily.

Move the stock axles forward with axle extenders or use after market gear to move the axles forward and lower the center of gravity. This will reduce the Timber from nosing over during initial touch down forces and while taxiing over rough/uneven terrain.

Hoist made from wire coat hanger or better yet music wire. This makes picking the Timber up...Continue Reading