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I won't be posting any flying video's with dates from 2018 and on. Stuff from very early 2000's may be put here.
Other from that the Governing bodies of the U. ASS and Kanada can just
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First and most importantly , lift up your stack!
Seriously the FC sits too low and is going to break a component off by hitting the frame from either vibrations or in a crash rendering the FC dead ...
The fix is simply to turn the rubber grommets upside down so that the longer part of the grommet is between the frame and FC.

Next if you intend using the 3s lipo I strongly suggest limiting your throttle to 70%,
More than that and people have reported that FC burns out, to be honest there is so much vibration from the props at high throttle on 3s that it is unusable anyway.

I did both of the above before flying and not had a problem, I prefer 2s anyway because I have lots of those 300mah turnigy nano techs 45c already and a 4 port charger for them. On 2s 300mah it is manifested fast enough as you can see from the video bellow.

Happymodel sailfly X on 2s 300mah freestyle park (5 min 19 sec)

I'll write the review here but also I've done a video bench review here.
Sailfly X important tips before flying and review. (10 min 10 sec)
...Continue Reading
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2019.02.06 (Wed)

排気管は4隅からダクトに接続しようかと思う。どちらに傾いても満タンに出来るだろ&#...Continue Reading
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Really gotta work on my blog, I don't like talking to myself so this is one of those things I have difficulty keeping up with.
As of so far I've done some fun builds.
Did a shark plane I called "sharknado" last year just for fun, but it didn't do well since I refused to make the fins 'wings" oversized for better stability I wanted to keep it more shark looking even tho I knew that would hurt how it would fly. It did fly like it was in a tornado hence the name.
The VX-30 concept space plane was an interesting build, ended up with three of them, tried my hand at edf with one of them, learned a lot about edf builds with that one.
The "Sprimbo" a blended wing that Mike Springer designed that I took the liberties of changing it up a little more to my liking...and naming it too...came out to be a pretty good flyer after a bit of testing and adjustments and with some input swapping with Mike. Liked it so much I ended up with three different variations of it.
And the latest is what I decided to call the JAC-1 "just another canard" plane. It's actually from a picture that I had downloaded a while back from somewhere that someone else had designed but may have not built one. Did some searching but came up empty so I decided to go for it with any info and built it based on the picture I had.
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Just received from friends few samples of new great product CarboFlow. Very impressive quality for reasonable price is combination what I personally like) Density range is from 60g/m2 to fantastic 16g/m2 !!
Prefer to sell few first rolls as repairing kits by size 400x325mm approx to see how many people interesting. 60g/3 layers ($25 shipped) , 40g/2 layers ($20 shipped) and 400x300mm 20g/2 layers ($18 shipped) available. Also, have few smaller sheets 280x200mm of 40g/m2 and 20g m/2 2 layers($15 shipped)
Let's try and you'll be surprised) Note please, shipping cost was calculated to US.
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I bought my son the a959-b, after running it just a few minutes it shut off only the steering. Turn it off and back on it will run a few seconds and shut off only steering again. Anybody have this issue or know of a fix?
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Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

Mini TS100 Soldering Iron review, This MINI TS100 Digital OLED Programmable Interface DC5525 Soldering Iron review includes unboxing, features and workbench demonstration.

You can this MINI TS100 Digital OLED Programmable Interface DC5525 Soldering Iron here:

Mini TS100 Soldering Iron review - Great for RC Repairs & Builds (8 min 45 sec)

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Z51 Predator RC Airplane (3 min 17 sec)

Get it here

EPP material, lightweight and durable. Folding wing design, with durable landing gear. DIY assembly, powerful 450mAh lipo can provide 20 minutes long flight. With two motors, and through motors speed difference to achieve steering. Built-in gyroscope and powerful power allows the model to easily take off from the ground. 2.4G 2CH remote control included. Efficient aerodynamic contour design ensures good flight performance and stability for better glide performance.
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Next month is my 15th Anniversary on RCG and my 15th Anniversary of being back in R/C after 15 years off. While my available time to slope and DS has ebbed and flowed, I'm now self-employed and let's just say the boss is a DS addict too! I've recently pared down the hangar but still have a pretty healthy stable of slope and DS ships, a 3m Ellipse 3cam, a few foamies, and a yet-to-be maidened Explorer 2.5 for flat field thermal use. I also have a single electric plane, an HK EFX Racer.
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Yep Les Amis,
Detected or not detected ? En route pour un 3eme vol avec le FIMI X8 SE ... Aujourd'hui je test sa vitesse de pointe en mode normal et en mode sport, plus deux autres modes de vol, orbit et spirale .
Je m'entête également avec le "precision landing" mais vous allez voir qu'en faisant des heures sup, tout arrive !!! lol . C'est aussi ma première vidéo Uploader en 4K, pour l'instant en 30FPS car le montage est plus lourd et difficile mais j'espère que vous serez satisfaits du rendu final. Je précise que je n'ai fais aucune retouches aux images du drone mais on perd un peu en qualité avec le rendu Youtube. En bref, je suis toujours aussi content de cet appareil qui reste pour moi, un des meilleur rapport qualité prix dans sa catégorie. Bon Film à Tous !

Xiaomi FIMI X8 SE - 3ème Test en vol - Mode Sport, Orbit, Spirale et Landing Pad ! (24 min 0 sec)

Très Stable, Excellente qualité d'image, Nombreux modes de vol ...
Les - : à voir dans les prochains tests ...

Les produits présentés sont visibles ici (en cliquant sur ces liens vous soutenez ma chaîne) Merci à vous :

- FIMI X8 SE 403,08€ ( COUPON BGFIMIX8SE10 ) jusqu'au 30/6/2019 :
- FIMI X8 SE 359.10€ Gearbest ( COUPON 24HFIMIX8 ) :
- Accessoires FIMI X8 SE :
- Mon sac à dos FIMI :
- Landing Pad (Tapis d'atterrissage ) :

- PROMOS ET COUPONS BANGGOOD (Juin 2019...Continue Reading
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Emax Tinyhawk Indoor FPV Racing Drone RTF F4 4in1 3A 15000KV 37CH 25mW 600TVL VTX 1S

- 75mm Indoor racing drone
- 08025 brushless motor with durable ball bearing for increase flight and low maintenance
- Durable polypropylene plastic frame with propeller guards
- Motor beeper function. Find your tinyhawk after a crash
- Speeds up to 56kph
- Up to 4 minutes flight time on single battery
- Fast F4 Processor for smooth stable flight characteristics
- MPU6000 gyro for vibration free operations
- Unique inverted motor design to keep CG as low as possible to fit in the smallest of spaces
- 25mw VTX and 600tvl Camera included for fun FPV flight via FPV style goggles
- Smart Audio function to change VTX channel via your transmitter
- OSD settings control to customize flight feel
- Pre-tuned from factory with expert pilots and new pilots in mind. 3 rate profile settings for all types of flying feel
- Plug in type motors for easy maintenance
- 1s High Voltage (HV) 450mah lipo included
- Frsky compatible D8 receiver built in to FC
- Custom carbon fiber themed carrying case

Recommend parts (Not Included):
Frame kit: Click 75mm Polypropylene Frame Kit
Motor: Click Tinyhawk 08025 Brushless Motor 15000KV
Propeller: Click Tinyhawk Avan Propeller
Battery: Click Tinyhawk 1S 80C/160C HV 450mah Lipo Battery
LED LED Strip Light : Click 1M 2.5mm LED Non-Waterproof 60 LED Strip Light

Product Details
Model: Tinyhawk BNFversion
1 diagonal wheelbase (...Continue Reading
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Motor Link
Prop Driver Link

I do like small motors , really I do !

Testing was with a 30A ESC - 2200 2s and a few props ...

6x3 = I saw between 2 and 2.3 amp with this prop . With the motor on my scales in a pusher configuration I saw between 85 and 90 grams of thrust .
5x4 = I saw between 2 and 2.3 amp with this prop . With the motor on my scales in a pusher configuration I saw between 85 and 90 grams of thrust .
5x3 = I saw between 2 and 2.3 amp with this prop . With the motor on my scales in a pusher configuration I saw between 85 and 90 grams of thrust .

Yes ! , I did copy and paste ! Because between the 6x3 to 5x3 there was little difference on 2s .

On a plane that comes in around 100 grams flying weight , this motor could be just the ticket !

Bullet prop driver !
I ordered some of these COS I need them ..
The EZIO might need one if I remove the factory prop .
The Firstar might need one ,
And the Racestar motor certainly needed one ..
For those motors with 1.8 to 2mm shafts , it pays to have a few of these handy .
Mine is a little chewed as I have been using pliers to tighten the prop nut .

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1. Fully enclosed receiver box, provide better protection towards water and muddy conditions. With a transparent viewing windows underneath to aid routine maintenance work.

2. Fully enclosed with reinforcement strip batteries box. Improve structural strength and offer additional protection to your valuable batteries.
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***Building Blocks Remote Control Excavator and Wheel Loader*** Let the fun start!
CaDA (breaking blocks) Building Blocks + Remote Control Toys Series.

CaDA Building Toys STEM Learning and Educational Kit.
These bruilding blocks Excavator and Wheel Loader consist out of 544 and 491 pcs and are suitable for kids from 6 years old. Item numbers: Excavator C51057 and Wheel Loader C51058. Remote control is included.

Welcome to CaDA (breaking blocks) building blocks+remote control toys series!!!
As they click the parts together, they'll strengthen their hand-eye coordination, fine motor and problem-solving skills, how to follow instructions and spatial awareness. When they play with Doublee_CaDA STEAM series toys, they don't even notice they are learning. When they play, they learn and they learn specificaly a lot about engineering and technology.

CaDA building blocks toys are specifically engineered to develop the cognitive system, promote learning and provide hours of productive play/thinking.

For more building blocks and remote control toys visit:
Business enquires: [email protected]
Building Blocks Remote Control Excavator and Wheel Loader (CaDA Building Blocks) (1 min 38 sec)