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Cheap (beginner) alternative power for FPV gear (8 min 12 sec)

Some countries dont allow importing lipos, Use these tips for your advantage.
Although i have a lipo i use 18650 cells for my gear. Its cheaper and just as good as regular lipos. With the recyled cells i have also more power and backup power.

When using/ordering a batteryholder make sure it u can use it in series to get 7.4V and up!
Chargers are mostly parallel, which is no problem when charging.

Charger with 2 li-ion 3000mah cells!

Charger only for 2 cells (us plug)

Charger only for 2 cells(eu plug)

Holder for 7.4v (2cells)

U can find more li-ion 18650 cells, chargers, holders etc... below in the links.
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Very punchy!

Boldclash Acro Whoop (1 min 18 sec)

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Carpark whoop fpv (2 min 25 sec)

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I love tinkering with videos and quads. Decided to add a trailer to my youtube channel.

Please check and cc.

Canino Intro (0 min 16 sec)

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Furichine fbqx80 (1 min 20 sec)

I really needed a bigger "medium" sized whoop with 7mm. I was not happy with the performance of the qx70 and fb90 frames.

The qx70 frame did not fly at all with original props. Cutdown hubsan props did not improve it much...

The fb90 frame did flew good, but was a bit wobbly on tight turns, because of the elongated and flimsy frame. The motors werent placed as a "perfect square".

So i combined the two frames as a test and was pretty surprised with the outcome. FURIBEE, EACHINE, BIG RETAILERS AND SHENZHEN ENGINEERS ARE YOU WATCHING!
We need an injection molded frame like this one and it must be for 7mm motors!

Before some people go ranting, No i didnt use the original programmable fc's for these quadcopters, but i do know a thing or two on building these scrap micro's. Other non ducted frames work perfect with silverxxx fc's.
Also 8.5mm motors arent meant to have tiny props like these. The weight of the motors is too much and and not in proportion.
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New JJPRO T2 (85mm) Frame build.
Jj1000 flightcontroller.

Unlike the lantian build, which i love aswell, this one is more stable and sticks in the air.

jjrc 85 (3 min 41 sec)

Very stable and powerful build. 8.5 mm is probably a bit overkill in my appartment, but i wanted a stable whoop killer.

With the 400 mah lipo i get 4 min until lvc. With a 600 mah lipo the fpv flight could be extended to 5/ 5.5 minutes.

Parts list
JJRC T2 Frame

JJ1000 BNF for flightcontroller.

8.5mm motors

400 mah lipo

m62 props

F03 fpv camera

Possible better options for lipo, props and camera.
600 mah lipo

original jjrc props

Tx01 (centered antenna)

Q25 (low profile)

Or other similar lower profile / centered / whip antenna camera's.
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Here is my low profile "mullet mod"style build. Its the moontop mt 9916 with the king kong camera safely build in.

8+ minutes of fpv flight! with jjrch H31 lipo

Moontop King Kong Q25 Mullet Mod (2 min 56 sec)

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3d printed big whoop (and fpv flight) (5 min 41 sec)

Find a 3d print service nearby, use my link for a 10 usd discount:

You can download the .stl file here:




The dfd f180 is an older model, which can be found on ebay. U can choose to use another small toy or hobbygrade flightcontroller.
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My review of the Furibee VR01 goggles and F03 camera

Review Furibee FPV VR01 & F03 (Courtesy of (10 min 30 sec)

Although Gearbest has sent me this product to review, all opinions in this review are my own.

get the googles here:

get the camera here:

A very nice an cheap beginners FPV setup.
The goggles are basically a rebrand of the eachine vr008's but Furibees version comes with a mushroom and flat/panel/patch antenna.

Please Sub!!!!
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JJ1000, Lantian 105mm (1 min 48 sec)

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After all the clones that went by, here is my review of the new Syma X5UW
SYMA X5UW Review (courtesy of (3 min 23 sec)

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