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Posted by Bajora | Jun 06, 2010 @ 11:44 PM | 12,270 Views
What a great way to end an early summer weekend here in Northern California! We three friends and fellow flyers grabbed the camera and video gear and ran up to our favorite school for a little late evening flying. Don and I did a couple dual bungee launches with our Great Planes Evaders ... the sound of a pair of these little pocket rockets screaming across the evening sky together brought spontaneous grins to our faces! Terry continued to have a great time with his Habu, Don logged a few more flights on his TamJets TJ70 powered RC Lander Cougar but the crowning moment of the evening to me was getting my Hangar 9 Twin Otter aloft for it's first two flights. At 84", this is one big ARF! But with the recommended power setup, it is super easy to fly. We had some gusty winds tonite but the big Otter handled them with no problems. One conclusion I can draw after a couple flights on this one is that it could be the perfect first twin for folks itching to try a twin. Here are a few photos we shot of it tonite... watch for a full RCGroups/ review coming soon ......Continue Reading