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Posted by Bajora | Jun 14, 2009 @ 08:36 PM | 25,567 Views
How about a new, and I do mean NEW, power system for my old friend!? Parkzone has probably sold an incredible number of their T28 RTF war bird. I bought one after seeing a friend have way too much fun with his. And it quickly became a solid member of my hangar. It is an all around fun plane to fly and has no bad habits. And thanks to the fact that I can pick up spare parts at my local Hobbytown USA, I am very emboldened when I fly it. I routinely will try stunts and aerobatics with it that I normally would shy away from, due to the potential for damage or loss of the airplane. But with the T28, a whole new fuselage will only set you back 40 bucks and they are typically in stock just five minutes down the road from me.

I have been flying mine for over a year bone stock, as it came out of the box.
I saw no real reason to make any changes to it, as the stock power system was more than adequate. Recently, however, I was lucky enough to receive some new electric components that came with a name affixed to them that anybody who has been in this hobby for a few years will instantly recognize: Super Tigre. And I was asked to use the components on some of my electric airplanes to see what I thought of them. Many folks have hopped up the PZ T28 by putting a Power 10 on it. Since one of the Super Tigre motors is a .10 sized motor, I set about upgrading my T28 with it.

Though there is an ever increasing abundance of manufacturers selling electric brushless motors, speed controller
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Posted by Bajora | Jun 03, 2009 @ 11:40 PM | 13,373 Views
We had a fun outing last weekend and had five of RC Landers EDFs with us and in the air thoughout the day!! Take a peek!

A Quintet of RC Lander EDFs over the Santa Rosa Skies! (4 min 12 sec)