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Posted by Bajora | Feb 22, 2009 @ 12:27 PM | 9,574 Views
I maidened the beautiful 50" Maxford Jenny yesterday. It is a very graceful and easy to fly plane. And it is VERY photogenic!

In honor of its debut, some of the boys brought out there WW1 biplanes and I couldn't resist arranging them for some group photos!
Posted by Bajora | Feb 15, 2009 @ 05:22 PM | 9,383 Views
Just when everybody here in Northern California is starting to get a little nervous due to the lack of any real rainfall this winter, it looks like we may be getting some storms. I had BIG plans to get four serious days of flying in over this holiday weekend, in order to gather media for several review projects I am working on. Due to the heavy rains forecast for the next week or so, I have instead been forced to chain myself to my building table, in order to get caught up on an equal number of projects that are bottlenecked there.

I assembled the beautiful Maxford 50" Jenny ARF in one longish afternoon/evening (finished at 12:00 midnite! ). This ARF is very unique in it's liberal use of rigging and the best part about it is most of it comes pre-installed. Considering the abundance of nice scale extras on this one, it goes together really FAST.

Watch for my upcoming RCGroups/Ezone review ....
Posted by Bajora | Feb 12, 2009 @ 02:37 AM | 19,315 Views

If you had a friend just embarking on his “career” in electric flight (and I just so happen to have one JUST starting into the hobby), which charger would you recommend for him? He is just learning the differences between the various battery chemistries and really does not need to be concerned and confused by all of the technicalities of battery chargers and how to charge various chemistries. For now, he just needs to be able to plug his depleted lipoly or NiMH batteries into the charger and get them pumped back up for another flight in his Nexstar EP.

Now, lets go all the way to the other end of the spectrum. You have a guy in your club who is the go-to guy in electric flight He has been into it for several years and seems to always have the answer. His park flyer fleet is large and his battery box even larger. He can speak in great detail about the science of charging batteries and even knows the basic differences between the charge cycle of a lithium polymer battery versus that of a NiCD or NiMH battery. He is a tinkerer and is always “under the hood” tweaking and endeavoring to make his equipment even better. He knows what he wants and knows how he prefers his chargers to function. Now, which charger would you recommend for HIM? It would probably be WAAAY at the other end of what you would recommend for our newbie above ... right?!

Would you believe me if I said that there is one charger that I would recommend for both greenhorn and grizzled veteran!? Yes indeed, there is and it is FMA's new Multi4. But of course now you are shaking your head and saying NO WAY! Impossible! Bear with me and please come along as I explain why I think the new Multi4 is a charger for every electric flyer.

Posted by Bajora | Feb 09, 2009 @ 09:42 PM | 12,133 Views
My flying outings of late have included a flight or two on the new ParkZone Radian 2M powered sail plane. I have never been extremely comfortable taking my aircraft up very high in the sky, mainly due to my middle-aged eyesight plainly needing glasses. And I have yet to make that trip to the optometrist!! (OK, OK now,don't YOU start pestering me about it or I will get you confused with my beloved wife! ) Thus, I have decided to use the Radian as a platform to, we'll say, "develop" my skills in this weak area. But how can I really tell if I am getting better, or higher, if all I have is my pitiable eyesight as a measuring tool!?

Eagletree to the rescue!! I have been using the eLogger in both my review and personal projects for some time now. When the fine folks at Eagletree released their new stand-alone altimeter and airspeed sensors, I instantly saw two additional tools to be used in gathering the all important in-flight data. And the ParkZone Radian is the perfect platform to utilize the altitude sensor in.

The first time I used the sensor, I used it in what is called "stand-alone" mode. It can be plugged into any spare channel on your receiver and it will begin monitoring the altitude as soon as power is supplied to it. It will continue to do so until you land and at that time, it will flash out the maximum altitude attained on its included single digit LED display. COOL!! I was a little dismayed though when I popped the canopy off the Radian...Continue Reading
Posted by Bajora | Feb 03, 2009 @ 01:05 AM | 13,658 Views
What a fantastic "little" biplane E-flite has come up with! Though it released some time ago, I am just now getting some stick time on a review bird. Don't let this one sneak by you without giving it some serious consideration or you will really miss out on something special. I just cannot seem to get enough of this one right now!

I had her out to the beach a few nights ago and it was fantastic. An ebbing tide had created an almost unlimited amount of pure, flat, clean sand. The winds were barely blowing more than a whisper of a breeze. The E-flite Ultimate is pretty compact but the recommended power system pulls it mightily! It flies like a much larger plane and provided me several memorable flights at the beach that evening. Soft touch and gos with full power vertical climb outs, tumbling, rolling, spinning...this is one capable bipe!

There is nothing better than a perfect evening at the beach with my family ... and having the bipe along made it even better!

A big thanks to my wife for snapping some nice photos!