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Posted by Bajora | Apr 27, 2007 @ 02:14 PM | 7,659 Views
Matt, the pics below show how I propose to pack it? If this is agreeable to you, I'll get it on the way to you today. I can get 4-6 day service and see how much to insure it for $50.00? I don't know if they offer a option for you to have to sign for it but I can check? I just don't want to run up too high a bill for you!

I am thinking, from shipping to Canada, that the first $50 of insurance is free? I'll give you a total for the shipping and then you can Paypal me the cost of it plus a new motor at HL if that is ok?

Posted by Bajora | Apr 22, 2007 @ 11:13 PM | 7,880 Views
Lingering rain and high winds here in Northern California have me confined to the shop lately but that is not a bad thing at all! There are plenty of great projects to keep me busy, in preparation for an upcoming flying season. Today, I readied my Corsair Nut built Skyray for it's first flight since I took delivery a few weeks ago. I installed a receiver, balanced and mounted a 4.5X5.5 prop to the Little Screamer Park Jet it came with and set-up a model for it in my EVO 9. I am flying it on a Vampower 6 channel Dual Conversion receiver, with a "The Don" micro antenna. I am loving Don's micro antennae and have used about 6-8 of them? Time to order more! And Vammy's receivers are a budget approach to dependable glitch free flying. The rest of my fleet pretty much are equipped with Berg's though. I need to order more of them too! I wonder if I could get a quantity twelve discount?!

I also did a little work on my LanierRC Fokker D.VII today. I am doing an review on this one. It's a great looking plane and I am powering it with a Welgard 2217/10 that I picked up from Lt. Smash bailed me out by getting it to me in record time so Albert (Wahrhaftig) and I could get together and shoot initial video/stills for our joint review. He is doing the companion to the Fokker, the Lanier SE5A.

My crowning achievement today, though, was airbrushing a model successfully, with minimal bleed-thru on my lines! Painting/finishing models has not been...Continue Reading