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Posted by Bajora | Jul 29, 2006 @ 11:18 PM | 8,745 Views
Well, I had the privilege of doing a beta build of 6mmflyrc's F4 Phantom II and today was the magic maiden. It was great. What a plane! The Video is here on RCgroups or eventually on www.6mmflyrc's web site. And we found a new, even better and greener field than two weeks ago! All in all, another great day of flying. Now that the F4 is done, what is going to get built next!??Well, lets crawl down under the table and have a look-see .....
Posted by Bajora | Jul 16, 2006 @ 03:12 PM | 8,596 Views
As I was preparing to fly yesterday, just thrilled to be getting out, it struck me that I don't understand why it is so stinking hard to find good places to fly?! It seems like me and my flying buddies are always looking for the "perfect place" to fly ... has to be wide open with plenty of area to land my Warmliner, a paved area for planes with gear, some soft, green grass for those without gear, a little shade to stand in on those really hot days, a nearby roach coach for snacks and cold drinks,...well, maybe I am a bit out of control but you get the idea! And as I was driving from my house in Marin up to a school in Sonoma, I was amazed at all the rural areas I drive through! And yet it seems like I am always looking for a new, better place to fly?!

We tried a new field yesterday at a school, across the street from the LHS in Sonoma. And you know, it was pretty cherry. The best part was the grass ... green, soft, and clearly irrigated since everything else out here this time of year is golden brown I.E. burnt to a crisp cause "it never rains in California", at least not from about april/may to around november/december. We had nice benches to pit our gear off of and it was only a short walk from cars to pit row. But the grass was the best part! I maidened my 6mmflyrc Super Bandit, and after 3 flights, it went home with nary a scratch more than it had when it left the house a few hours earlier. SweeeeeT! What a great day, what a great hobby! Three...Continue Reading