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Posted by TNug | Apr 19, 2015 @ 03:57 PM | 11,409 Views
Some photos of my FPV race quad. (though I wouldn't consider what I do racing - more like Driving Miss Daisy meets quad pinball....)

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Description: Dramatic view
  • Aluminum standoffs are captured inside the printed parts for durability
  • Camera mount allows for tilting using the stock holes on the Runcam
  • Integrated Flysight 5.8GHz and FrSky DR4-II rear bulkhead
  • Vtx SMA bulkhead mounted to avoid broken connectors during crash
  • DR4-II antenna holders swivel and pop out to protect from damage during crash
  • Top plate has channel display port , Vtx vent "gills", and battery strap slots
  • Sides have vent gills and swing open to allow access to Flip32 USB port and connections - also keeps loose wires inside

Frame: ZMR250 from MultiRotorMania (Nice 3K CF)
PDB: Overcraft V2 from Team-Legit
FC: Flip32 from ReadytoFlyQuads
Firmware: Cleanflight
Motors: Emax 1806 - 2280kv from Hangar18 Hobbies(Cary, NC). Awesome local (for me) shop that carries FPV/MR gear!
Camera: SKY - RunCam 650TVL from SecurityCamera2000
Video Tx: FlySight 32ch 5.8GHz 200mW from HorizonHobby

AUW: 364 g (quad) + 116 g (3s 1300mAh NanoTech) = 480 g

It's a work in progress. My designs - like my builds - are never done.

Can't forget to mention my awesome quad race club: F1FPV If you look close, my quad makes an appearance in the first few seconds of the video. (for about 1/2 a sec)

Also, the bright yellow is much easier to spot after a crash and makes for a much quicker and more dignified walk...Continue Reading
Posted by TNug | Feb 20, 2014 @ 08:28 PM | 10,965 Views
I recently reached a personal best 114 km distance covered with my Phantom wing. This was all LOS in a race track pattern to prove the capability and efficiency of the setup. Not a bad accomplishment for an off-the-shelf setup with mostly Hobby King grade stuff.

Details here.

Photographing your plane as it flies itself.

Google Earth track of the flight

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