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Posted by steve wenban | Sep 07, 2006 @ 04:56 PM | 10,399 Views
Now that Ive actually worked out what a blog is
as most of the slopeaholics know Ive slowly been working on another Aussie Jart called the ESV Jart Extended Span version its really 61 inch span and not the original thought of 60 not that it matters
It was created from plug and moulded the wing was layed up with out the aid of a bag as can be seen in the photos but the end result is the same Hopefully at this stage I'll have her ready for this season .have to say Thanks Reed for allowing me the right to build one of your great designed birds .I know that this ESV is going to be a ballistic and smooth machine in the air .

Update the ESV Jart flew for the first time on Saturday 23rd of September 2006 it was nose heavy but still smooth in the air ,the air on the other hand was very rough out of the NW a terrible direction at Mt Annan NSW as its bumpy and turbulent . The test flights where confined to a couple of extended circuits in the rough air with the Jart penetrating without a problem and remaining smooth and clean in response to control input . Ive since move my CG reward to 80mm from the L/edge and will try it out in some big lift at Otford next weekend (hopefully) .

Well to start at the end 5th October 2006
Its taken a fair time to put the ESV Jart into the air due to many other commitments , but its been a challenge to get it done as well . Thanks to Reed for sending me the drawings in the first place ,and thanks to everyone...Continue Reading