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Posted by koch12345 | Apr 28, 2020 @ 08:49 PM | 7,898 Views
So i am brand new to rc boats but i am currently building a rc Queen Mary 2 ship. its about 60 inches long and i want to power it with two motors. i believe i have found a nice budget kit that comes with everything but the battery. link below. now it says it needs a 12v 18650 Li-ion battery that can produce at least 20a. that seems like a ridiculous amount of power for a rc boat this size and i cant even find a battery that exists with those specifications. i have no idea if that is correct because it has twin 775 brushed motors. is taht too much power for a boat that size anyways? i'm not looking for speed as the hull isnt meant for speed anyways being a bulbous bow. lmk what u think and if u can help find a battery. Please Help Thanks.