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Posted by Mr_Paul_FPV | Apr 24, 2020 @ 07:32 AM | 6,094 Views
Good Morning to everyone, excuse my english but im from spain you know.
So today i was doing some research for my BFF7, and iīve realized that my board isnīt on betaflight targets at all. Sood be "BetaglightF7 target".
I was interested in flashing Betaflight 4.1, because im on 3.3 and i good like to test some new features.
is there a way to upgrade my board to 4.1. or i am stuck with 3.3?
Can i talk to the manufacturer and ask if they are gona realease a update or something?
CAn i upgrade my board to another target?

PD: Conformal Coating Works like a charm on heavy weather. Ya, you know like if passing at 100kmh does nothing to my quad. jajajjaja