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Posted by Ahmed_Hassan | Apr 21, 2020 @ 04:54 AM | 7,912 Views
After Greetings,
The idea is based on Three main components :
1-FIPS-140 hardware with its 4 levels

2-OTP token

3-Hyperledger fabric blockchain “As Operational/Monitoring channels”.

I believe that i can choose the team members who can implement the project which for sure will extend the different drones use cases around the globe especially the countries which forbid it , and let the people of the countries which allow the different use cases to feel the blessing of freedom till it’s implemented all over the earth.

This is an elementary list of the team roles required for implementation:
1-Blockchain developer with experience in “Go” programming language.

2-Communication Engineer with experience in “MAVLink” communication protocol.

3-PX4 developer.

4-Expert UAV Operations monitoring specialist.

5- Expert IoT Solutions Architect would be a great advantage “Preferred Not Essential”.

I’m Striving to make an estimate for the project budget , stay tuned !

Here is the main components definitions references :
1-https://www.thalesesecurity.com/faq/key-secrets-management/what-fips-140-2 1



For more information i’m aiming to be the project’s headhunter with the company which is interested to fund the project , i’ve built a strong network of connections on linkedin with the drones industry leaders,
Here is my LinkedIn profile :

I’m open to questions and new connections from this great community , thanks for your time.