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Posted by afdewet | Jan 21, 2011 @ 01:58 PM | 5,785 Views
Started Aeromodelling with 'Free flight' A2/A1 Nordic gliders, Wakefield Rubber powered and F1 Gas Power models. All built with Balsa and Tissue paper coated with 'Dope'.
This was way back in 1962/3 (Age 12) through to around 1967 when I lost interest and moved onto other things. My Dad was very big into the hobby and we were members of the local model aircraft club and flew in all the competitions locally, Nationally and Internationally.
Early pics from the 60's attached.

I live on the Southern tip of Africa in Cape Town where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet.
This makes it a little windy at times which cuts down on flying time in the Summer. Lovely climate however which is very similar to San Fransisco, California. Massive wine producing area, Plenty of mountains and surfing beaches. Just a great place to live.

I recently started building again in Sept. 2010. This is my first time with RC and with all the new materials now available. Having great fun getting back into things. These 2 models are the first off the production line and both fly just great. I have tons to learn about piloting and these 2 great trainers help a lot as they practically fly themselves .
Latest addition is the Divinity 42" wing. More respoonsive than my 2 trainers and very exciting to fly. Had to calm it down a bit with a slowfly prop and larger wingtips so I could get used to something that took a bit more skill than I have at this time. Had it's 3rd flight recently with...Continue Reading