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Posted by Boomer1 | Jun 03, 2012 @ 11:14 AM | 18,311 Views
Been a bit on the inactive side for the past few months while preparing for and then moving to a new home in a new city. As you all know moving is a major event in our lives, doing those things involved in moving and setting up a brand new home tends to limit ones focus to things with more gravity than one's hobbies.

During the transition,I had to box up for moving my boats and hobby equipment until such time as I could set up my new workshop set up in my new garage. Happy to report that project is well on the way to being done!

Just before moving I was able to acquire a new RC sailboat produced by Proboat/Horizon Hobbies called "Serenity". For some time, I had been looking to acquire a Fairwind, but was unable to locate one, so when I saw the Serenity, it struck me as having a similar look and feel. I began to try to find one at a reduced price as is my practice to make my hobby dollars go as far as possible. I found one advertised on E-bay by a company that buys damaged RC products like this and sells them at reduced prices.

This particular boat had only exterior box damage, with no damage to anything else. I saved about 35% from the best price I could find else where. The really great thing upon opening the box I was amazed to find one of the best looking fiberglass hulls I have ever seen on an RC boat. Truly as close to flawless as is possible to make it. The boat has very nice detailing including life line stanchions (made of metal not plastic) and...Continue Reading