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Posted by Boomer1 | Aug 10, 2011 @ 09:54 PM | 21,934 Views
A few months back I decided it was time to look into getting another Nirvana ll sailboat. I have owned two Nirvana's in my early sailing days. Sold those two and moved on to bigger boats.

As time went by I realized that I missed sailing the Nirvana. I looked around and found a very nice boat that a fellow forum member had purchased new, sadley he never got around to using it - the price was attractive - so I opted to get it - At that point, it occurred to me my wife might like to go sailing with me. Being the good husband that I am, I contacted my buddy Steve Lang at to order one more Nivana. I ordered this one without electronics - as I had some extra servos and I have the radio and transmitter needed, so the investment was minimal.

Like many of you, I like to add my own touches to each boat - I made some changes to graphics on the first boat, similar to what I had done to my previous Nirvana's. Got the boat all tuned up and ready to sail, but when I tried to get the wife out there with me, she preferred playing golf with her buddies. Worked for me!

I decided I'd put that boat up for sale and concentrate on the other boat. Out of the blue a friend from the Nirvana forum asked me if I'd sell it to him. He had purchased one of my other Nirvana's - and he told me he wanted another boat to have on hand for "buddy sailing". Jim now has two very nice Nirvana's a red one and a blue one. He is my best customer!! Thanks Jim.

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Posted by Boomer1 | Aug 02, 2011 @ 10:56 AM | 26,250 Views
Just wanted to add a few current photos of my complete 182 - The plane has very good manners and is responsive. Very friendly to fly - looks great in the air, very scale looking aircraft. The plane has plenty of power and the flaps are very cool and add a dimension to the plane that provides additional control in varying wind conditions. My overall conclusion is that this one heck of an airplane for the money! There has been no issue with the nose gear to this point. My sense is that if the plane did include a real shock on the nose gear it would be a welcome addition for any future hard landings.

Original post:
I had been shopping for a Cessna 182 to add to my hanger and after considering a lot of input from forum members, I made the decision to buy the 5 Channel AirField RC 55" Sky Trainer Upgrade Version Airplane w/ Brushless Motor/ESC/Flaps/LED Lights Almost Ready to Fly ARF Receiver Ready - EPO Foam Plane in Red
Wingspan: 55.5 inch Outrunner Motor (3536-kv900)Servo: 6X 9g High Speed Micro Servos, Speed Controller: 30A Brushless ESC

Nitroplanes put it on sale for $109.00 and I couldn't pass on that price. I received the plane and was happy with the service, packaging and short delievery time.
Had one small issue with the spinner and prop shaft adapter, but Nitroplanes sent me a replacement at my request. I was dubious about buying from them but to my surprise they did a good job.

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