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Posted by Boomer1 | Feb 23, 2011 @ 01:03 PM | 22,660 Views
I should be receiving several boxes by weeks end containing 2 new Micro Magic boat kits, and enough extra parts to build a 3rd boat. I was very fortunate to have been contacted by a fellow forum member that had purchased these kits and extra parts with the intention of building them, but sadely found his hands were not up to dealing with the small size of these 21" boats. He knew from reading my thread on the MMs that I was interested in building them and sent me a message offering me the intire package a price that was so reasonable, I had to buy them. Skip is a very gracious and generous fellow and I look forward to continuing our communications.

As soon as the boxes arrive, I will take a look a what I have and what I will need to get these boats on the water. When completed, I will have one Carbon Fiber edition and two standard racing versions. I included a few file pictures of what they will look like.

Very excited to see how these little guys will sail! More to come.

Posted by Boomer1 | Feb 15, 2011 @ 12:55 PM | 22,195 Views
My new Summit arrived recently and was packaged properly and thus it arrived safe and sound. I must admit that this being my first off road/Crawler I was a bit overwhelmed at the complexity of this machine.

Since I am new to this type of vehicle, I jumped right into the manual to get a better understanding of how to use this monster, and to learn how to take care of it. There is quite a bit to learn, but not beyond my small brain's range.

I have been viewing Youtube videos of guys running these trucks in water and some even fully submerged, and wanted to know how this could be done with out wrecking it. The manual states the truck is water resistant, and not 100% water proof, and then they explain how to protect the truck and electrical system from death by drowning. I don't plan on throwing it in a lake like some have done in the Youtube videos, I will run it in the rain and in shallow river beds.

Once I had finished reading the manual, and completed charging the batteries, I tried it out at in house by first seeing if it would climb some stairs, amazingly, it did.

Then I took it outside to see how fast it would go. We have golf course behind us, so I ran it up and down a few fairways. The truck actually looked like it was smiling at me, and saying "is this the best you got?" It is fast enough for me at this point of my driving skills. Then to give the truck a bigger test, I ran it in some of the out-of-bounds areas of the course, which is more like being off road. It ate that up with out breaking a sweat. Next will be some rock crawling, which I am sure this truck will handle - I just need to learn how to drive it.

It short, the Summit appears to be a well engineered truck, it is fun to operate, it does require being on top of the maintainace - so all in all, it looks like "a keeper"

Posted by Boomer1 | Feb 06, 2011 @ 12:21 PM | 19,380 Views
Update: Last week my New Vela 1M arrived at the house. I was excited to open the shipping box to inspect my newest boat. I was impressed with the quality of the packaging, and was wondering how I'd every get the boat out of the foam that it was more or less encased in. I managed to cut one of the foam lock downs they had in place to keep the boat in place, lifted the hull out carefully, which at first glance appeared to be all I'd hope for. Such was not the case.

At some point along the way, someone at the factory had attempted to make a repair to some blemish in the deck, and completely messed up the paint on the deck. I was a completely different finish, flat, and even had the guys finger prints in it.

This alone was enough to reject the boat. Upon further inspection, I notice a huge puddle of glue in the bottom of the hull where they bonded the mast to the bottom. Who ever put this particular hull together, had no skills what's so ever. I knew I wouldn't like the way the builders set up the sail management lines/sheets and that I'd have to upgrade, and this was further confirmed upon inspection. It was clear this boat was not up to my expectations and the workmanship on this particular boat was not acceptable.

Tower Hobbies was very understanding and set me a return authorization to return the boat for a refund.

My feeling about this boat is that is a good looking boat, but with some issues. I am glad I got to see it up close, and hope those fellows that have them, enjoy them. I am admittedly spoiled by the quality and finish of my Yamaha RTW. I will continue to search for new sailboats in the hope of finding another one to buy that is on a par with the Yamaha.