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Posted by Boomer1 | Feb 27, 2010 @ 12:36 AM | 12,075 Views
I was very fortunate to locate and secure a brand new in the original sealed box , Yamaha round the world crew kit. I guess who ever said "seek and ye shall find" knew what they were talking about.

The chap I got the kit from is located in Hong Kong, and he was clever enough to know how rare these kits are. He told me he got several kits from an elderly hobby shop owner in Japan who was clearing out some dead inventory. To bad this old gentleman hadn't heard of the internet. The kit was not cheap, but as they say,“if you want to play, you got to pay".

Thank you to those who sent me e-mails with leads on where I might find the kit.

I think since these things are extinct, I am going to put life lines on each crew members, so if they should some how dislodge from the deck, they will not be lost at sea. Don't know if there are any more kits to be found. On a side note, one of the guys gave me a suggestion that Tamiya still offers a GT crew kit which with a little imagination could be adapted to be an acceptable substitute.
Posted by Boomer1 | Feb 23, 2010 @ 03:20 PM | 13,682 Views
Hello everyone,
I have attached a few photos of the my newest project a Tamiya Yamaha Round the World. This is a really nice boat and it is very sad that Tamiya stopped production.

It is very close to being finished. I am working on setting up setting up 2nd sail servo to control the jib separately from the main. Don't know if any one has done this before but there is room inside the hull to mount a second servo. My radio can be programed to accomodate it, so controlling it should not be an issue. Anyone every try this? Suggestions are always welcome.

Since my first outing in light winds, I have been able to sail the boat in some heavier winds up to 15 knots, and report that the boat handles the heavy wind very well. I have to say that so far this is the best handling RC sailboat I have seen.

I have a Seawind, Monsoon and a Nirvana ll. Each one has it's own characteristics, but all are good performers. The folks in our club have a wide range of other RC boats and all are are impressed with the Yamaha's performance.

This forum has provided me with some very good tips to help me in my newly found hobby. Sailing is really fun, and relaxing, but the guys in our club are also RC pilots, and they are trying to get me into that aspect of the hobby. I know the rush is there for sure. As I see things, the worst thing my boats might experience is hitting the shore or bumbing another boat. If they mess up they take their plane home in bag. Time will tell.

I am looking to buy the crew that Tamiya made for this boat if any one has one and interested in selling it please let me know.
Best regards.