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Posted by Bowser90 | Jun 30, 2018 @ 10:36 PM | 2,564 Views
I've always wanted to design and engineer from the time I was 6, finally I got an opportunity after bitching and complaining (to myself) about pre-made frames especially the awesome cross ones, I got in contact the CNCmadness and sent him a detailed sketch, to my surprise it was affordable and he quickly turned my idea to reality, I can't recommend him enough.

I need to redesign the top plate to clear the camera body just in case I wanted to do a slam build, but it works as is and no annoying top plate in the view of the camera, also the points are a little too pointy, as to cut someone carelessly handling it. I designed it to look like a Dragon or more specifically a Wyvern, my favorite mythical creature (I have suspicions that they did exist but that's for another discussion) but with that in mind I also gave it good motor protection, limited the stress risers to a minimum, low drag design and on top of that it is designed to glance off an object, rather than grab it and break, which seemed to work as smacking a tree at 60 mph did absolutely nothing to it but whip out the battery- but.. I can't help to think of getting it stuck in a tree, nose down I'm good, nose up, it's going to be holding onto an unreachable branch for dear life.

It feels much grippier and easier to tune than my other Cross frames, It may be because the side "arms" are 4mm above the "head and tail" my fluid dynamics knowledge is very limited and I can't begin to figure out if I...Continue Reading