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Posted by Nelapaty | Jul 31, 2014 @ 08:06 PM | 12,476 Views
Rd 230 Mini first flights (2 min 53 sec)

Website here.

Rc groups thread ..

First impressions :

I was kind of shocked at how small this thing is compared to my cinetank. Quality of the Carbon is very good and can probably take a beating only time will tell.

Arms are strong, ridiculously strong. I don't think they will break with general tossing around unless you are falling from lets say 100'

quality of the entire package and material workmanship is simply stupendous


Build components

sunnysky 2204 2300kv
witespy 12amp high voltage esc (3 to 4s)
Buddy rc 3s 30c 1300 for start may get the 1500 for longer flight times.
HQ 5X4 Props

Naze 32 running cleanflight
5.8Ghz 32ch video tx (600mw )
minim osd
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Posted by Nelapaty | May 23, 2014 @ 06:21 PM | 12,631 Views
Cinetank (3 min 56 sec)

Maiden flight, I kept it simple since I was using nylon props not a good idea to fly aggressive ..I will be switching those out for Apc's

I am pretty excited about this build. I have been looking at this frame ever since they came out.
First video was pretty impressive, but of course when its done by guys who are proficient they make it look fantastic.

Some of the things that caught my attention on this frame was the fact that you can get jello free video quality that most frames lack because of either poor design or motor/ prop issues.

Separation of the dirty frame from the clean frame is what makes this quad unique. unlike many frames who have similar dirty/clean section, cinetank has the ball damping system which makes a whole lot of difference in the clean section and also pretty robust in a crash.

Everything on this frame fits like a glove. I was impressed with the quality of the overall frame and the design aspect of the frame. Beautiful Honeycomb design and very compact and a robust dirty section, one of the best dirty frame design very solid feel to it, no flex..

The cinetank thread here..

Heres some pics of what came in the mail today..
Posted by Nelapaty | Apr 25, 2014 @ 07:09 PM | 11,732 Views
It has been a wonderful experience. I was skeptical at first but enjoying it very much.
Cinetank fun (5 min 17 sec)

First flips (4 min 9 sec)
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Posted by Nelapaty | Sep 29, 2012 @ 05:36 PM | 13,712 Views
I finally purchased a used dji naza with gps here on rcgroups. The Naza is very much a different animal compared to the multiwii boards its simple but complicated.

I had several occasions where i thought of selling it due to frustration in the setup, but after watching a lot of videos on setup and calibration. I finally got it.

I purchased the props from rc timer. very pleased with the quality and performance.
Brushless motors from fpv manuals

with 18amp hobbywing pentium esc's that I already had

Frame from rc timer.

and I used autocad to draw out my motor mounts then cut some 9mm g10 for the adapters.

all in all it turned out super it hold steady for the most part gps hold is impressive.

fpv manuals fm4008 620kv
18amp esc
Naza with Gps
4s lipo pack 2600 to 5000mah.

31.64amps @ 504.4 watts @15.85 volts thats 7.91amps per motor

Has enough juice to go straightup

with 4s 5000pack I flew for 12 minutes before I hit 3.74 per cell.

enjoy some pics.....Continue Reading
Posted by Nelapaty | May 19, 2012 @ 04:44 PM | 15,869 Views
Its seems like as we have more planes we end up having to carry bunch of tools and miscellaneous other stuff to the field. I for one reason ever since I got larger 40 to 60 size planes my field setup increased so did my charging station and its always nice to have stuff to do quick fixes and help your buddies out .

so far i went through a bunch of tool boxes for my gear and finally ended up with these from dewalt.(purchased through amazon for $42 for the small and $47 for the large they are usually 50 to 70 depending on the size )

Dewalt tough cases.
I do realise theres a whole plethora of tool cases out there to choose from and merely comes down to how much $ you would like to spend. As for me I have been tinkering with stuff going through various stages of aquiring reorganizing and getting rid of stuff or should I say refining the process of field setup.
I ended up getting the small and large case instead of getting pelican or other branded cases for charger setups at about half the price, seems like they will serve my purpose and probaly last a long time

Things that I noticed with these boxes is that they are rugged and more built like a tank real quality stuff so far im impressed they are not too heavy and could take some abuse and they are waterproof dust proof etc
Fantastic cases for the price and they stack only thing missing is the pick and pluck foam
check this video out just for the guys accent

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Posted by Nelapaty | Mar 10, 2012 @ 07:47 AM | 14,839 Views
Well finally I have a quad designed by Dialfonzo & Me and cut by luis from My Rc build..

First how in the world do you go about designing one well im not much of a designer but i had a rough idea, I saw a bunch of quads that I liked and wanted something that could be sporty small and fun and could handle some crashes.

I emailed Dialfonzo and it took off within a couple of days he came out with some designs wow he did some super designs If you ever have a chance check out his stuff really cool designs some of the best Ive seen so far and the price well not overpriced at all.

after 2 weeks we were able to get it to a point where I really wanted it to look like and then He sent the design to Luis for cutting and out came the design in real life. Both of these gentlemen are fantastic to deal with pretty impressed with how fast they respond to email even im buggin them
Great job guys keep up the good work

Check out Dialfonzo's new frame, same size as mine..

Pointers for the designs

I wanted it look nice offcourse everybody wants their quad to look snazzy well rounded robust and simple.
I find most of the designs are a complicated with lots of stuff to takeoff before you get to the board or even arm replacement,motor replacement etc..

Why is this special no its not its just a good simple design. Dialfonzo designed it in a...Continue Reading
Posted by Nelapaty | Dec 22, 2011 @ 06:30 PM | 16,683 Views
After messing around with different things like building field charger, Multirotor's I needed a break something different so I decided on building a aircraft but which one...
After building the Stuka 3 times and horten twice i needed something a little easy on my brain so browsed the Internet went through a lot of scratchbuild threads especially J Morgan's always a inspiration..
Finally ended up with GGRN'S (Philippe) ME262 Schwalbe pretty simple as they say but requires lot of work oh well

I got the plans printed out enlarged it to 133% on my printer and then glued it to poster board cut it out and made adjustments etc.. so here we go..

I had a bunch of fanfold so this will be a fanfold build. you are more than welcome to make comments and suggestions its always a learning experience

wingspan- 59 ''
length -48 1/2 ''
estimated weight-?

Superflying models 68mm fans with 4000kv motors on 4s 2650x2p

heres some pics of the build..
here's another ME262 build by Matt
pusher prop by Hans joachim.. Reading
Posted by Nelapaty | Nov 13, 2011 @ 08:02 PM | 15,565 Views
I have been working on this project for a while now trying to figure it out what i need so here's the circuit that im thinking any suggestions appreciated

I do realise now that i need atleast 120 amp fuse for full capabilities of the powerlab 8 but then i will have to find such a relay which is kinda ridiculous so yes im limited to max output which is ok its more than I ever need..

I like the powerlab 8 not because its powerful but for the features and capabilities it can deliver. I have run it 4 days straight cycling my deep cycle's to figure out capacity... among other things

update 1,
ok I made some progress, I got most of the components almost some are on the way...realistically this is getting expensive and simplycity is just gone out the door but we will keep going..

I tested the power supplies and wow these are loud i did do some mods to cut the noise down these are the 100amp ones. I could have done just fine with the 45amp ones which can put out 50 amps with no issues under load..

here's the thread to 100amp ones

and the smaller ones are here..COURTESY OF TJINGUY excellent resource..

enjoy some pics in the meantime

The more I build this thing the more it seems like Im getting way over my head and it doesn't look appealing anymore neither is it cost effective solution, although most of my parts are from Ebay and local electronic...Continue Reading
Posted by Nelapaty | Aug 21, 2011 @ 07:13 PM | 16,832 Views
Lately I have been watching a lot of warthox videos and reading about Multiwiicopters.

So I figured I give it a shot and so the process began after getting all the parts for the multiwii tricopter I put it all together according to alex's amazing intro into tri's quad's and much more..

It Flies the thing flies. so I figured I build a better frame for it so here are some pics.. more to come..

I finally put a board together that looks pretty neat for a first timer other than the rat's nest on the other side.. and it flies pretty solid its a little on the heavy side but hey for a beginner into copters I don't think it really matters.. nothing's getting Hot..
still working out the small bugs and stuff overall its pretty solid...
Update 2
Finally after bunch of great flights I got a little too excited and tried to do a loop WHOA bad choice its did a loop alright but on stock pid settings dont even try lesson learnt... it took a long time for it to turn and kissed the ground

Now the best part about it was the electronics are all in one piece the arms took most of the was a good time to change it out to flyduino shield and so I went ahead and used the shield..

The more I fly this tri the more I'm beginning to enjoy it. its just a amazing machine to fly...

Update 3

After hours of flying my Tri and getting used to orientation and throttle control my tri has finally succumbed...Continue Reading
Posted by Nelapaty | Jul 12, 2011 @ 06:32 PM | 16,788 Views
I have been Searching around the internet for quiet a while trying to find some decent connectors, something that looks nice and does the intended job All my setups currently have deans.

As a electronics hobbyist and Audio amps building/sound engineering background helped me a great deal in making it a breeze soldering Deans connectors.
They are great little connectors for what they are worth but as for me with large setups currently 6s and 8s I disliked the large spark when connecting which is normal but it made some nasty arcing on the connectors saw some bad pitting on the surface they are so close to each other probably bad for the battery too and so the quest went on..until I found Anderson Powerpoles

Basically I was looking for something clean and neat setup And goes together with minimal effort being a Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic always knew that crimping is the preferred and superior method and very rarely does anybody solder on aircraft these days.

After getting introduced to Anderson Powerpoles wondered how I ever missed these little connectors so I started to do some research and a great deal of information but mostly divided among the deans and APP

So after much thought decided to go ahead with APP and give them a shot so here I am writing so I will try and post as much Info as I can collect to help others.

Im not saying to take my advice and go change out all your connections. Please make your own choice as they say to each his own..

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Posted by Nelapaty | Mar 05, 2011 @ 01:19 PM | 20,651 Views
If you want A relaxed flying bird the search ends here. Grab a cup of coffee a chair sit down relax and fly as my friend Christian calls it the Cadillac of the skies

Pics by Alan Hailston... Checkout his website He's quiet the talented guy

Heres the specs..

4020-14 scorpion
14x10 prop changed to 13x8
CC100 ice esc
A123 2s rx battery
jr821 servos x4
genace 25c 6s 4000mah

flight time of 10 minutes max
pulling 46 amps @ 946 watts
8.368...Continue Reading
Posted by Nelapaty | Nov 20, 2010 @ 11:28 AM | 18,056 Views
It just started to snow here in Wenatchee WA.its been crazy around here freezing temp for around 2 weeks straight.....Continue Reading
Posted by Nelapaty | Nov 20, 2010 @ 11:04 AM | 18,297 Views
Wing fever - After watching Lee (friend) fly for quiet sometime back home decided to put one together out of fanfold or Dow bluecor foam and it flies.

1'st flight-It was highly unstable at first and did somersaults in the air so I got her down and added a 4 cell receiver battery pack to the 2s a123 running a 6x4 prop on a 4700kv brushless inrunner pulling just about 25 to 30amps and man she did fantastic I felt like a liitle kid who got a present at Christmas oh by the way its a 54 inch wing span..

Phase 2Currently trying another wing the famous Horten 229 will keep things postedhoping the weather gets better...

Phase 3 large horten wing construction in progress...Wings are amazing...Continue Reading
Posted by Nelapaty | Jun 26, 2010 @ 01:14 PM | 18,039 Views
This is my second Plane from Nitro planes. The first one flew great but crashed after 3 minutes Due to receiver power Failure in other words bad connection and connector..

After a long time built the second one and Maidened her. She flew great, had a good 6-7mile cross wind she took off just fine. Flew her at less than half throttle most of the time.

Here's my setup.

Scorpion 4020-14
Castle creations ice 100
separate nimh receiver pack for the Ar7600
APC E 13X10
Flight max 6s 25c 5000mah
52 Amps @ 21.52-31v static
1145-1147 watts
close to 9.21lbs had to add some ballast in the nose rolleyes:
Posted by Nelapaty | Feb 08, 2010 @ 11:26 AM | 20,734 Views
Here's some updates...

This is a all electric setup..

CC HV Esc 85
APC 16X10
Scorpion 4025 16
Hyperion 4s 5000x2 in series (8s)
Pulling about 69- 70 amps with more than 1500 watts of power.
I get about 8 minutes of flying time (I don't use full throttle at all time's) with 70 percent of the capacity depleted....

A short video of the mustang By Matt..
Row and the P-51 (0 min 54 sec)

A fantastic airplane to fly......Continue Reading