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Posted by mlilasic | Mar 27, 2018 @ 05:00 PM | 3,932 Views
Review of Eachine EV900 - 1920*1080 FullHD 5.8G 40CH HDMI AR VR FPV Goggles 5 Inch Display w Built-in 2400mAh Battery and diversity

New EV900 hybrid goggle from Eachine are here. They are HDMI AR VR FPV immersive racing goggles with 5 inch 1920*1080 FullHD screen, built-in Battery and diversity receiver bundled with one omni and one directional antenna.

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Posted by mlilasic | Mar 15, 2018 @ 08:59 AM | 5,662 Views
Review of Dragonfly Hurricane 2207 KV2500 Brushless Motor for FPV Racer from FPVmodel

Doesn't this motor look great?

Build quality of these motors from FPVMODEL look amazing. Especially when taken into consideration their price.
Quality/price ratio on this motor is huge.

Hope their performance in flight quality will be equal to their looks&build quality.
A great feature is also plastic ring along the bottom part of the windings that will prevent bolt, which is too long, to push against windings and damage the motor. What a great and simple idea.

Air gap is nonexistent and on the bottom side of the magnets here are blobs of glue used to balance the bell. Also, another important aspect is that vertical play is nonexistent also.
Bearings sound nice and smooth.

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Posted by mlilasic | Mar 15, 2018 @ 08:09 AM | 4,001 Views
Review of Robotdog 35A 32Bit 2-4S BLHeli_32 ESC Dshot1200 from FPVmodel

Robotdog 35A is a new 32bit BLHELI ESC from Battle RC that uses the latest BLheli_32 firmware. Dshot up to at least Dshot1200, and at rates up to at least 32kHz is now supported. If you are seeking for a small, powerful blheli_32 capable 32bit ESCs, the Robotdog ESCs certainly fit the bill providing 35Amps of power.

* for a limited time, the Robotdog is sold at $9.9 only. Don't miss it out if you are building on a budget.

The low price does not mean that the Robotdog is lacking power. It has all features a 32bit BLHeli ESC has!!! 35A designed, ARM 32bit Cortex-M0 MCU, 1500uF cap onboard, 2-4s input and Dshot at least Dshot1200.

Blheli_32 code
ARM 32bit Cortex-M0 MCU
Dshot up to at least Dshot1200
1500uF cap onboard
2-5s LiPo input (as per our test, no problem to use with 5S.) .
35A designed


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Posted by mlilasic | Mar 14, 2018 @ 08:42 PM | 4,577 Views
Review of DYS Samguk Series Shu 2306 2250KV 2500KV 2800KV 3-4S Brushless Motor for RC FPV Racing Drone

My version is 2500KV:

Samkug Series was a concept from Chinese history culture. There are 3 strong countries, Wei , Shu and Wu.
They restrict each other and Chinese are influenced by their hero stories.

Model: Samguk Series Shu
Item Name: Shu 2306 2250KV 2500KV 2800KV 3-4S Brushless Motor
KV: 2250KV / 2500KV / 2800KV ( Optional)
Version: CW Screw Thread
Lipo Battery: Support 3-4S
Shaft: M5
Motor Width: 28.5mm
Motor Height: 31mm

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Posted by mlilasic | Mar 02, 2018 @ 03:25 AM | 7,973 Views
Review of 3.7V 1S Lipo&LiHv 6xBattery Charger Board For Inductrix KINGKONG Tiny 6 Eachine QX65 E010 E011 E013

My new 1S lipo charger just came. Looks really great and high quality.

Quick test with my ANENG AN8002 Digital True RMS Multimeter:

3.7V 1S Lipo LiHv 6xBattery Charger Board For Inductrix KINGKONG Tiny 6 Eachine QX65 E010 E011 E013 (2 min 26 sec)

- Supports 1.25, 2.0mm battery

- Supports LiPo 4.2v battery
- Supports LiHv 4.35v battery

- Supports 6 Batteries charged at the same time
- The display shows the each channel input and output voltage in order.

- Charge at either 200mA or 600mA according to the setting of a switch that can be set independently for each port
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