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Posted by Parkflying | Jun 05, 2011 @ 07:27 AM | 16,349 Views
Everyone wants a good deal. No body wants to pay more for their hobby purchases then they need to. I have been lurking the Vendor Forums and see countless complaints about non delivery of purchases and incorrect items in the order when they do arrive. Many complaints are about broken or non functioning products.

USA and Canadian buyers really need to reconsider their buying practices! Most USA Dealers, especially the active ones that are a Sponsor of RC Groups spend thousands of dollars a year in business expenses that these "foreign" dealers just don't have to contend with.

We pay thousands of dollars a year in Building Rent, Phone Services, Electric, Gas, Employee Wages, Fed and State Witholding, Fed and State Income Tax, and INSURANCE Fees.

Customers want to buy their hobby items at just pennies over cost, yet demand the full service of a retail store front. They want customer support and return and exchange if there products are defective.

Our belief is that a customer deserves good customer service AND to know their dealer will stand behind the products they bought.

Competing with "cut rate" pricing and still delivering good customer service while still being able to pay the "bills" is a real challenge.

Speaking of business expenses for US Dealers. We carry a HUGE and very expensive Product Liability Insurance Package.

Ask yourself just one thing before you buy that next "discounted" EDF system with motor or...Continue Reading