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Posted by 1000MPH | Dec 09, 2016 @ 06:11 PM | 15,156 Views
This is an oldie but I replaced the battery this week and wanted to post the build specs for future reference before I forgot them...
  • JW60 Standard (Classic) kit.
  • Hitec HS 5475 Std sized digital servos
  • 5 cell 2/3/A sized battery pack in the fuse. I'll avoid these in the future and stick with AA Eneloops.
  • fully taped and gooped fuse. Goop tinted with Testor's enamel
  • 2 layers of extreme tape on the bias
  • balsa fin (replaced a few years ago)
  • fixed TE 6" in and out board.
  • 2-56 hardware
  • bottom hinged
  • carbon sub TE
  • layer of goop on spackled foam and over last layer of tape
  • Monokote covering
Top speed was 177 IIRC, if it was blowing I usually put up a heavier JW.
Up close it has a bit more of a textured surface compared to my other builds that usually have 1 or 2 more tape layers.
Other than that, I think it was one of my best builds and it flies well.
Oh, I also ended up drilling and pinning (with .080" FG) the bottom spars and joiner when they loosened up. I had used Mercury rubberized CA and it let go... JB weld from now on!
When she was young , fast, and pretty...

and now the old lady looks like this..