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Posted by 1000MPH | Jul 23, 2013 @ 12:01 PM | 14,869 Views
JW Fuses a la Stu:

I weighed my last fuse at various stages and will list if available. Also, the pictures are of several different fuse builds so try not to get too confused.

1. Glue the rear of fuse with full strength goop. Let dry. (2.1oz)

2. "Sand it round" with 50 grit. Not 80 or 120 etc. I use a belt from a belt sander cuz I can't find 50 grit at home depot or walmart. 50 grit seems to pull up less chunks, go figure.
Click this bar to view the small image.

3. Add whatever reinforcements you want. My latest and greatest is 4 pieces of .080" fiberglass. 80 cents for a 4ft rod. End result seems as stiff as the carbon ones I've made.

4 Create a noseweight space. I slice a long rectangle of foam out of the front of the fuse, cut the sides off and goop them back in their original spot.

5. Thin goop the raw EPP. Several coats if you feel like it but not too thick. I use 2 coats max.

6. Spackle over the gooped fuse. Hint, wet EPP or watery spackle helps with the first application, especially over thinned goop.

7. Sand, respackle, sand, Repeat until satisfied.
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