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Posted by 1000MPH | Mar 07, 2013 @ 12:43 PM | 70,619 Views
Several people have asked how I do my flames...

The top is covered in one solid color and then the flames are cut out of Monokote or Ultracoat and added. I grabbed a gif from an r/c car site a while back and I modified it in PhotoShop (scale, skew) to suit my needs. Ultracoat is easiest because you can easily transfer the image to the paper backing. With Monokote it's best to 3m77 the stencil to the backing and cut around it.
It takes only about 1/2 an hour to cut out one wing.
Apply the flames in one piece (per wing) very carefully using the lowest heat setting that will activate the adhesive. Start near the leading edge and work along it. You can go back and adhere the flames then turn up the heat and seal really well. The Fluoro Monokote always makes an ugly gluey mess. Clean up with acetone.


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