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Posted by 1000MPH | Oct 18, 2009 @ 09:17 PM | 10,044 Views
I killed my last Bee in a 110+MPH DS crash. I broke a std size karbonite servo for the first time. Here's it's replacement. 21oz classic Predator build. The only difference was I used 3m extreme instead of the 3" windrider strapping tape. I like the 3" tape but on my last build it wrinkled under heat and I wanted to avoid that on this one.

Update: This plane is still going great. I cut down the tips a little to move the CG forward. They are still longer than stock but 1/4" shorter in height. I also added about 5 layers of clear tape to the LE in front of the CG. Balance is just slightly forward of 8-1/2" and perfect. The performance of the Bee never ceases to amaze me. On high rates with a bit of expo and I'm getting a fantastic but controlable roll rate and really tight inside and outside loops.