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Yep Les Amis,

Besoin d'une radiocommande pour tous vos racers ? Ne cherchez plus... Voici la JUMPER T8SG, une formidable petite radio, simple à utiliser, facile à transporter et capable de piloter tous vos racers préférés sans ajouter quoi que ce soit. Elle est en effet équipée d'un module MULTI PROTOCOLE et de nombreux Switchs et Varios, elle est livrée avec une sangle de maintien et une mallette de protection, idéale pour le transport . Bref, je vous laisse découvrir cette petite révolution, oui, à ce prix là c'est un très bon compromis pour tout ceux qui désirent se mettre au pilotage racer et FPV.

JUMPER T8SG Review Test et Reglages / Résultat du Concours . (33 min 44 sec)

Les produits présentés sont visibles ici :

- Radio JUMPER T8SG :

- Batterie 2S pour Jumper T8SG :

- Dongle USB (simulateur) :

- Recepteur FS-IA6B :

- Support écran Carbone :

- Soldes de Septembre chez Banggood :

- LIQUIDATION -20% code ( bgrcquad) :

Mettre la radio en Français :
- Menu Model
- Nbr Mixer
Le 5 pour le Switch D de la manière suivante (et pareil pour les autres)
paramétrer les entrées 5 à 8 en :
- complexe
- mixers
- Page
- Interrupteur
- Opération
...Continue Reading
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"We will start construction of the 1st ship around the 2nd quarter of next year."

Like something from a movie about averting the destruction of the human race. Pretty intense stuff, but lions are pretty sure you can't test the in situ propellent plant for the 1st time on the same mission the 1st astronauts are going on. As expected, it was lighter than last year's show because of the renewed focus on their mission backlog instead of the BFR.

Delta wings are back. It has assumed the familiar shuttle shape. At least the shuttle designers got that part right. Unfortunately, he couldn't make the heat shield reusable. They're not going fly around with enough material to make it reusable. They're going to spend a huge amount of money replacing it for every flight.

He didn't show the engine layout of the new 1st stage. Perhaps the BFR guy focused on just the new 2nd stage & he only has a rough idea of the new 1st stage.

Unlike last year's design, the current design looks like it could actually happen & he was clean shaven which added more credibility. The payload is now 1/2 of last year's. The timeline is the same as last year, but he's able to do it in the existing factory.

Using a BFR to fly around Earth is a bit silly. The Concorde already proved no-one cares about high speed air travel, so he's not going to make money on that. The security lines & boat trip to the launch pad will comprise most of the time. At least it would...Continue Reading
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Важные моменты. Во первых добавим правило в udev:

echo 'SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="0483", ATTRS{idProduct}=="df11", MODE="0664", GROUP="plugdev"' | sudo tee /etc/udev/rules.d/45-stdfu-permissions.rules > /dev/null

Во вторых добавим своего пользователя в группу dialout
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Had the B&W out this A.M. for flight thirty-five. Brought the Val along to double the fun.
Posted by jefffassbinder | Sep 29, 2017 @ 09:59 AM | 4,428 Views
Well have tail and ducting in place. Also glued the ducting to the front intakes. Wiring for servo is in order. Just need to fashion a small bulkhead for canopy attachment and start thinking about cg. Need to get some pilots or go bare? Still need to install nose steering. All horns have been installed, used 1/2a sized horns as the stock ones seem a little to light for my liking.
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Well.. (0 min 22 sec)

Posted by y.takahashi | Sep 29, 2017 @ 07:51 AM | 4,154 Views
Today the radio controlled model of Jetfoil "Rainbow Jet" connecting the highland ship
of Oki Island and the mainland of Oki Island to the mainland is in service today on the day of Jetfoil on September 29 (929)! .

RC Model Jet Foil Rainbow (2 min 6 sec)

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I recently bought the hobbyking wing camera to use on drone and plane.
it was very hard to work out how to use it without a manual so I went into upload files on Hobbyking and got it sorted out. thanks to all those guys who upload stuff to help us all.
My problem now is that when I play back the videos all the green trees are now pink trees, does anyone out there know how I can make green trees green again.
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In 1960 the Polish factory SZD made another throw at high performance gliding in an attempt to break the German hegemony in this domain. Although still of wooden monocoque construction, their radical Foka (seal) design was extremely pure and streamlined (laminar flow over wings and fuselage), still looking futuristic more than 50 years later. It not only looked good, but after a couple of months gained 3rd place in the 1960 standard class world championship. It later astonished the glider community when the 24 year old Jan Wroblewski entered such 15m Foka4 in the open class and became world champion during the 1965 UK held championship, the one and only time a standard class glider won the open class title, and this in an aerobatic capable (+6 -3G) production glider. Production of the SZD 24 Foka4 ended in 1968 after 204 gliders, of which only 137 found an export customer. It acquired 7 world records with a 1:34 glide ratio, a maximum takeoff weight of 322kg and an initial speed range between 62 and 250km/h. Some are still flying nowadays but are limited in speed to 160km/h and G’s after some disastrous in-flight structural wing breakups.

My Foka shortly after getting airborne on its 3rd flight

Acquisition day 1

At the end of the 2017 flying season I stumbled upon following advertisement on the popular German RC website.
Since the early sixties I had fallen in love with models of the very elegant...Continue Reading
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it's really cool

Just 1170$ off coupon code DMP4KS230

Link here :
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FH312-IR is a high stabilized 3-axis gimbal equipped with a 12X 1080P optical zoom night vision camera and one IR LASER beamlight. The 3-axis gimbal based on FOC motor control technology features high stability, accuracy and sensitive control.
The FH312-IR uses starlight class ultra low light sensor that’s as low as to 0.005 lux, and with the help of IR Lase beamlight, the FH312-IR can even see things in absolute dark condition(0 lux)
The FH312-IR is equipped with a 12X optical zoom camera with digital zoom function , you can use it either onboard a drone or just on the ground for night patrol over a long distance.
The gimbal has variable travel speed control over RC, so you can change the moving speed of the gimbal depending on situations. Fast speed mode is used for small zooming range, which makes the gimbal control sensitive and quick. LOW speed mode is used for large zoom range, which will enable you to target the object more accurately.
The FH312-IR 12X optical zoom camera could offer both analog video output and IP output. By using the IP output, you can directly control and watch the video with a laptop via network cable or wireless modem. If it’s used with HDMI wireless transmission system, we also offer a HDMI encoder, and then you can choose to use HD video link like lightbridge, DVL-1, Connex or Insight.
FH312-IR is very useful for different industrial applications where you need both camera zooming and high definition photos at night, like power line and...Continue Reading
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I've done this with my Apprentice, Timber, and Beaver but for some reason works better on the Valiant 1.3 with SAFE Select/Self Level On:
Align Valiant on a short grass runway directly into wind. Set T/O or Land Flaps. Slowly advance throttle to where Valiant's thrust starts to overcome the drag of the wheels in the grass. Call this "minimum break away thrust". For the Spektrum DX 6,7,8,9,18 transmitters note the numerical value on the top line of the on screen display. This will vary according to grass height and other factors. Today I used 67 % for "min break away thrust". My student's DX9 used 65 %. When the model starts moving only move the rudder stick left or right to maintain runway heading. Try not to add power as the added P effect and left prop thrust will require more rudder correction. Your Valiant will gradually start rolling and slowly accelerate and rise off ground (R.O.G.) in about 50 feet. The slow motion climbout is impressive and fun to watch. With practice I was able to make straight takeoffs without using any left or right stick. Of course you can abort or add power or intervene with a wireless buddy box. Using low power extends flight time and adds valuable training experience. With E Flight 3S 3000 lipos we were landing after 30 minutes with 20% capacity remaining. Full power was used only for 10 low approach and go arounds and occasional aerobatics with SAFE off.
Posted by rinoki71 | Sep 28, 2017 @ 10:33 PM | 2,832 Views
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I find with my old timers that I just can't get the props I want to give the revs I want and so I make my own . I start with a wood , fibre glass or carbon prop that is available and then make it to the shape and get the revs I want , but of course if one chips or breaks it you have to do it all again . So I make a mould of it and then can make as many as I like and is repeatable and I can still mod it after its made .
I start by making a pin and nut , this pin for the hole and the nut in the bottom mould then mount the pattern on a hard wood top with the pin to hold it and then fill under it with model clay and shape to get the draft needed in the bottom mould . I make a bottom mould housing out of aluminium bar with holes to fill thru then lock the top to the bottom , some use bolts ,I use "G" cramps and nails for dowels , quick and easy and I'm not looking bits when putting together with a wet prop in it . I build dams around the holes so I can over fill it as the epoxy shrinks if one doesn't get all the air out of it when still liquid , then fill with epoxy mixed with aluminium powder , I try for about 15/20 % powder . I'm going to try steel powder one day as well if I find a supplier of small amounts . I forgot to put in there to release the master and top mould before clamping together . Leave for 24 hrs and then should be ready to pull the top timber off and leave the clay and master prop in the bottom mould .
Clean out the clay properly just leaving...Continue Reading
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I have a long history with the DH Tiger Moth, it being the very first plane that carried the teenage me, many years ago, up into the magical sky. Later I worked on a hangar full of them at the Royal Victorian Aero Club. Imagine my delight, therefor, when my family bought me an hour in one of these iconic legionary masterpieces.
Think 85 year old man being as excited as a little kid and you have the slightly disturbing picture.
The day of my choice, selected for its forecast of calm breezes turned out to be the one day in a long series of sunny days to be overcast with high bright cloud.
We were greeted by the friendly people at the airfield and it was nice to inspect their very well presented 1942 vintage 'Tiggy. Hey! It's had 76 years to prove it's a good airplane. What can possibly go wrong?
I had been worried about my ability to climb into the cockpit. The designers, back in the 1930s had not catered for the likelihood of the old and infirm embarking on this.
Needless worry as it turned out. The old limbs and bones did their thing surprisingly well and I was in. Everything is very close in a TM. It's a bit like wearing the thing.
Having coaxed the engine into life we were soon aloft, The overcast day meant that the horizon was lost in the haze but that just lent another dimension to the adventure.
The one slightly disappointing aspect of the flight then became apparent. I had requested to fly the plane myself and did so for a short time, but the intercom system...Continue Reading
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Review of FrSky 2.4G 16CH Taranis X9D Plus SE Transmitter SPECIAL EDITION with M9 Sensor Gimbals, Water Transfer Case and soft shell box - Great Value!!!

Beauty and the Beast:

I'm so excited about this transmitter from FrSky. FrSky transmitters and receivers are very popular because they give a lot at not so hight price
Transmitter is back up by great OpenTX SW and possibility to use Companion TX on PC for creating, modifying, backing up and transferring models to other Taranis Transmitters.

Taranis X9D feels very comfortable in hand. I don’t use neck straps and I can comfortably fly with only X9D in my hands.

...Continue Reading
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H-10 is formed to shape of stern by soaking it in water for about an hour and then bending it around a glass jar as shown. I have attached it with rubber bands being careful not to split the balsa wood. Due to the age of the wood, it may require soaking it in water with a little vinegar added to help break down the wood structure a bit. ( Pictures 10 and 11 ).
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A Little Color Never Hurt Nobody (3 min 14 sec)

Hello everyone welcome back.

Todays video is to show you my new painted whoop frames. I used both the Beta 65 and 75 frames. I used spray paint to paint the frames. I think they turned out great. The Beta 65s and 75 are some of the best Tiny Whoops I have flown. They are fast and the frames are really durable. Here are the build specs below for the Beta 65s and Beta 75.

Beta 65s
Wheelbase: 65mm
Weight: 24.5g (without battery)
Flight Controller: BETAFPV F3 EVO Brushed FC
Firmware Version: Betaflight SPRACINGF3EVO 3.1.6
Motor: 7x16mm Coreless Brush Motor, 17500KV
Receiver: Frsky D8 potocol with PA / DSMX / Flysky rx with AFHDS 2A protocol
Camera and 5.8G Tx: AIO 520TVL 1/4 Inch Camera 25mW 40CH
Power connector: JST-PH 2.0 connector, AKA PowerWhoop connector
Batterry: 3.7V 230mAh Lipo battery
Flight time: 3 min 30 second

Beta 75
Wheelbase: 75mm
Weight: 32g (without battery)
Flight Controller: BETAFPV F3 EVO Brushed FC with Native Frsky receiver
Firmware Version: Betaflight SPRACINGF3EVO 3.1.6
Motor: 7x20mm Coreless Brush Motor, 17500KV
Receiver: Frsky D8 potocol with PA / DSMX / Flysky rx with AFHDS 2A protocol
Camera and 5.8G Tx: AIO 520TVL 1/4 Inch Camera 25mW 40CH
Batterry: 3.7V 230mAh Lipo battery with PowerWhoop connector
Flight time: 3 min 30 second

Want your own Beat 75 or 65s?
Pick one up at

Or you can find them on Amazon
Beta 75

Check out NotFastEnuf on youtube.

Stay Safe and Fly Often

A Little Color Never Hurt Nobody