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I found this old radio controller but i don't have the fitting receiver... but it is nevertheless possible to use the onboard chips to use it with an arduino receiver or do i have to build an transmitter one myself with the accelerators from the control..?
Posted by Jack Crossfire | Yesterday @ 11:32 PM | 316 Views
The lion kingdom can remember no time when it needed 2 power supplies simultaneously. They were only used for remembering different settings or having different connectors. Manely, they were hoping for a future need that never came.

A Rudung was sacrificed. The new butter surprise created a stable 9V from a 12V battery. It had a 0.5V dropout.

Subjectively, the results were more realistic than without a regulated voltage. There was a steep drop in PWM for the 1st turns, then a leveling off. Finer precision was still a matter of complete drives & measuring charge.

The alignment affected downhill drives more than uphill. It might have been because more weight was on the front wheels when going downhill.

The 1st 9.2 mile drive burned 246mAh/mile.
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Yesterday the San Antonio Prop Busters held our 4th Annual event for modeler built models. Our thought was that by encouraging modeling we would get people deeper into the hobby. For a small club, I think we’ve been pretty successful. This year we had great weather and 17 registered pilots, who averaged two planes apiece. In the pictures below you’ll get a taste of the variety. It wasn’t like the typical fly-in where you see same, or similar, factory built planes, one after the other.

The event is now dedicated to the memory of the master modeler Lee Moore. A mainstay of the early days of a Bomber Field and similar events, Lee spent a good portion of his last years flying with us and inspiring us. One of the delights of our club meetings was when Lee would show up with his latest creation. He was super supportive of this event and helped several members get over the hump of their first builds to be able to participate.

We thank our friends with the Tri-City Fliers who stepped up and helped us out when we lost our field (as reported previously in this blog). They have a beautiful site about 50 mi East of San Antonio co-located with a vintage aircraft museum. This distance may have cost some attendance but I als noted that Oct 19th was a very busy day in Texas for sanctioned events.

A special thanks to Jim Rice, Former AMA Dist VIII VP and recently retired chair of the AMA safety committee. He was responsible for a number of the excellent prizes we were able to...Continue Reading
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Hi there, we are looking for a professional designer for RC foam airplanes to help us develop new airplanes. This job includes giving us advice about what kind of airplanes we should develop and helping us design 3D drawings of aircraft, etc.
If any body is interested, please message me for more information.

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Just enjoying the free flight in FPV!


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Universal Joint 34x16mm
DTUJ01001A: 10-10mm (Inner Dia)
DTUJ01001B: 10-8mm (Inner Dia)
Set Screw Hole: 3.2mm
Section Length: 21+21mm
Wholesale Price please PM or contact me at: [email protected]
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Here is a video of my new best speed of 102mph running my new dasboata "Super Geico" props. The previous run was 102mph on one gps and 100 on the other (pics below). Special thanks to Chris Hoffmann (dasboata)) for the awesome set of props!

Miss Geico 36 hits 102mph w/dasboata "Super Geico" props! (6 min 41 sec)

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I know that many have old GWS Slow Stick Models that have been stored perhaps as long as mine and it takes just a few minutes to test and test the electronics and Radio Gear to make sure ALL Systems work flawlessly.

In my case with this RED GWS Slow Stick, I found today that the No-Name Brand 20-AMP ESC had a hole in the Heat Shrink Material right over the FETs and also during testing by connecting a Battery and Transmitter it just did not want to come alive! This particular Slow Stick is on a BERG super narrow band 72-Mhz (Castle Creations Product) and coupled with my JR XP-7202 Synth Transmitter that is just Rock Solid. Well, after several connects and disconnects with the Battery -to- ESC connector I found a strange issue with it being completely active and then, it went dead after a few minutes handling the connector!

I took off the Tape for the Positive and Negative at the ESC Connector (once I had everything disconnected from the Battery) and found a very bad SOLDER Joint at the Negative post. Needless to say, I just went ahead and replaced this ESC with the Bullet Proof E-Flite 25-AMP ESC and like magic the model stayed active without any issue nor brown outs. This exercise made me create a new Memory Location for this Slow Stick and on Channel 31 so, not all was lost and it has it's own memory location on the Transmitter!

Additionally, I checked all linkages and foam hinges and they all passed with flying colors!
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Ghost Rabbit GR1 1/5 4WD SOLID REAR AXLE TRUCK (0 min 13 sec)

The Ghost Rabbit GR1 comes with real carbon fiber accent plate inserts on trailing arms, rear axle brace, steering centerlink and center transmission mounts to make the car's look match the car's performance.
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Last Friday at HHAEFI we had a big wing gaggle and as we lined up to fly i noticed Pacer Stevens was hanging close by. I asked him if he hadda wing to fly and he said no. I launched mine for the first flight of this event.... I got her trimmed out then asked Pacer if he wanted to do a few laps with it. He said yes and i handed him my transmitter. A few laps turned into dozens as i observed the huge smile on his face. I think the silly pilot on top the wing made it fun /cool. I thought i got a pic of him flying , but in review, i did not.

At one point there was an Assassin harassing my wing and when i said something to Pacer about it he said: yea, thats Uncle Michael.
I quickly walked down the line and told Mike that Pacer was flying my plane! DOTE! He chilled...

Pacer then asked could he land it and I said sure, he then dropped it beautifully about 15' from his feet.
This made me so happy to do and experience for this fine young man.
THIS..... is what it is all about folks.
👐 Your Dad was smiling down on us this day. 🤗
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I had an opportunity super early this morning while the family was still asleep to work on at least one RED SLOW STICK with a BP Brushless motor, ESC and servos already installed, however, required some TLC and minor repairs.

This particular GWS Slow Stick had some modifications and RICHARD installed hollow Aluminum Rubber Band Securing Posts to allow for any size / shape rubber bands and not fear that they will come OFF during flight instead of just using the STOCK Plastic Nipples.

However, one section (Right Front Post plus Plastic Hardware) was observed to have been busted completely off and I had to improvise and repair. Luckily I have a good hardware collection of sorts and was able to fix the post by drilling baby drill on the top of the wing saddle and found a head bolt small enough with almost a flat head to fix and return this SLOW STICK in flying condition.

A few Pictures!
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Okay, okay....

So I am absolutely HORRIBLE at keeping up with my RCGroups Blog....

BUT....I WILL get better at it...

That said, let's get cracking on videos from the St. George Electric Festival, 2019!

This was an event held about a month ago or so, and it was great to get caught up with friends, both new and old, and capture many of their unique creations on video...

For starters, here's Wade Joos' beautiful Nick Ziroli B-25 Mitchell on it's first flight after it's heart-breaking crash at last year's event !
Ziroli B-25 Mitchell - SWEET SUCCESS! St. George Utah, 2019 (6 min 11 sec)

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FF Bird from eeBay (0 min 56 sec)

Was on Feebay and saw this 2 Pack of FF Birds (?)
So , the first thing to come to mind was = Can I RC it ?

Well , first things first ..
It's windy , really windy .
So nothing small is going to glide well , especially something funky like a FF Bird .
I had to try though ..

So I was able to make the bird glide across the back yard , not really sure I want to bother RC'ing it !
Not really that good !

Might make for a fun chucky , but for how long it will be interesting ?

Certainly needs some trim to get it to glide , usual rules apply !
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Upgraded flimsy 1/8” wire to 3/16” in this P-51B build. The cross brace had to be beefed up to 3/8” x 3/4” x 5.25” and I placed a soft balsa block behind the brace closest to the wheels. The thicker wire meant all the lg straps had to be replaced. Trying to bend 3/16” piano wire required a pipe borrowed from a neighbor.

I included a photo of the lg plans. It shows a smaller lg design. It was difficult to tear out epoxy on ply and balsa. It had to be torn out twice—killed three weekends to get it right. I had to use my rotary drill and other tools to grind out the epoxy remnants each time.

The brace is made of basswood from Hobby Lobby. The 3/16” steel wire is from Lowe’s and I used Gorilla Glue 5-minute epoxy.
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It broke after only 6 months. Knocking the wheels the right way, rather than old age, is how they break. The only replacement part is the fabled Tamiya Shaft Bag 58347, long out of production. There are aluminum ones in China with a 6 week waiting time.

Lacking any replacement parts, the lion kingdom attempted a teflon repair. The bolt isn't long enough to reach through the teflon. Teflon is softer than the original nylon.

During this process, it became clear the steering rods could be 1 hole shorter, so the wheels would have to be realigned for the teflon repair & aligned again next year when the China shipment arrived. All this wheel alignment had the lion kingdom searching for a better way. Lions traditionally aligned the wheels by driving a mile, recharging the battery, & measuring the charge. The charge depended on the wheel alignment as well as the battery temperature, & how charged it was yesterday.

The ideal way is to drive a certain distance & record the PWM, but this requires a constant battery voltage. A Rudeng/RIDEN voltage regulator is still the ideal solution for getting a portable, constant voltage. Getting one is another 6 week China shipment.

It was while searching for a voltage regulator that lion kingdom realized this was what Sparkfun sold, 15 years ago. What did Sparkfun sell nowadays? Manely dumbed down educational kits for large schools, big ticket items for corporations, & some standard connectors. Their power supply offerings where now the laptop bricks office supply stores sold 20 years ago instead of the bare boards they used to sell.

Exotic parts for starving college students & programmers are now only available in China. The next option is building a fixed voltage buck converter out of digikey parts, the same way lions would have done it 20 years ago.

There may just be no money to be made in exotic parts just for building other things. They'd rather buy something prebuilt.
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DustOff #7 - XK DHC2 Beaver Bush Plane - Stalled it on Landing!

#GroundControlRC #GlueAndFly #ScratchBuildPlanes #DHC2Beaver #BushPlane

Here is a link to the Video:

Well, I took the DHC2 Beaver out for another DustOff Flight just to cruise around ;-)
I did stall it on landing as a bit of a breeze came up, no damge though so it's all good!

Complete Playlist for the XK DHC-2 Beaver Bush Plane

RC Tip #8 - XK DHC-2 A600 Beaver Landing Gear

RC Tutorial - Add a Micro FPV System to the XK DHC-2 Beaver A600 Airplane

Maiden FPV Flight Of The XK DHC-2 Beaver Airplane

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XK DHC-2 A600 RC Airplane Spare Parts 7.4V 300mAh 25C Li-po Battery

XK DHC-2 A600 RC Airplane Spare Part Propeller Set XK.2.A600.009

Turbowing 5.8G 48CH 25mw FPV Transmitter 700TVL 1/4 CMOS Wide Angle FPV Camera Support OSD NTSC/PAL Switchable

See you in the Air!

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Thought I'd mix things up on my RC channel and start a Q&A. If you'd like, comment on my video any question you'd like...RC or not. I'll answer all of them in the next video.

Part 1: Q&A...Leave me a question/comment - Personal or RC, doesn't matter (5 min 50 sec)