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Posted by 9LIVES1968 | Nov 16, 2008 @ 08:29 PM | 10,369 Views
A few people who know me also know that my mother is very busy during the holiday season busily baking, decorating, and selling GingerBread Houses. First off, these are not those simple gingerbread kit houses that you can buy at WAL-MART and build yourself. NO!!!! These are works of art that are made by hand, decorated with different candy from all over the world, and have a certain whimsical nature about them. NO TWO HOUSES ARE THE SAME!!!! When you look at the pictures I have uploaded, you will see for yourself the way that her houses are built. My mother has been making these for over 25 years( and she hasnt killed me yet when I eat them!!!lol) During the holidays, I put on about 10-30 lbs from being the tester of both the gingerbread and candy. The recipe she uses has been handed down from her mother's mother and has been refined over the years. She uses real molasses, sugar, and other ingredients( which I cant tell you since she would kill me if I did!) The icing isnt the stuff you can get at the grocery store or other places. She has to special order it also. Starting tomorrow, she starts getting ready for a Ladies Junior League show at the Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center which runs for a week. This is a new show for her since in the past, she did the Christmas Village Show at the BJCC instead. Her houses have been on soap operas and other television media. For those of you who live in a 90 mile radius of Birmingham, ask your wives if they have heard or seen her if...Continue Reading
Posted by 9LIVES1968 | Nov 15, 2008 @ 09:42 PM | 9,916 Views
My old laptop crashed and I have finally been able to get abunch of pictures downloaded to my new replacement one and I figured I would get everyone revved up for SEFF 2009 with it getting colder here in Nov. Most of these are with my son as it was my first trip to SEFF and his also. I am not sure I will be able to go next year with upcoming surgery, but you never know!

A special thanks goes to Randy of Dynamo Electrics for the rubber-powered plane he gave to my son and a really really small thank you to Klique for trying to get my son to fly the RITEWAY while he is young and impressionable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol. ...Continue Reading
Posted by 9LIVES1968 | Nov 15, 2008 @ 08:42 PM | 10,029 Views
As I await my 3rd back surgery coming up in Jan 09', I have been busy building planes that I can build in bed. So hopefully, when I am able to walk and lift after surgery, I will be able to maiden them and get back to flying again. I have just been messing with my helis(especially my SJM 215) in the front yard or garage since they are easy to fly in my culd de sac and not get caught in the trees like my planes would sometimes. I cant handle ladders or shooting a line over the branches, pulling the limb back and forth, til my plane would come tumbling down. Not in the cards!!!!lol. I have been stocking up on planes, especially the good buy ones, and slowly getting around to them. Needless to say, the room is crowded and I thought I would show how crammed my room is!!! I havent been able to build any of the wing kits I have either since I dont want to breath fumes and/or glue myself to the sheets. Only so much you can build in bed. Wings just arent cut out for it!!!!
Posted by 9LIVES1968 | Jul 12, 2007 @ 05:30 PM | 10,797 Views
IF you have clicked on here, you will notice in my profile picture an animated avatar and profile picture of one the coolest, most innovative guys here on RCGROUPS DAVE POWERS. Unfortunately, NO, I dont look as handsome as Dave, but I invite you to check out his website www.rcsuperpowers.com and look at his products he has been developing and making. I promise you that you wont be disappointed if you do. Dave Morris
Posted by 9LIVES1968 | Jan 31, 2007 @ 11:24 PM | 11,706 Views
Update on the Speed Fleet. I am pretty satisfied with with it as it stands. The Superfly is superfast around 85-90 level and over 100 in a dive. Enough for me right now. The Sledgehamer is a little too heavy for me to launch with my back out of wack (fused and screwed up when fused) so I am waiting on a friendly launcher like Laine or Bo when we all meet. The Machete is loosely copied from the superfly with the bp-21 with a cut down GWS 8x6 prop to 5-6.
Laine(Lmopar69) got to see it fly briefly and well until I hit a powerline with it and ripped the battery and nose right off!lol. No damage to the battery and hot glue has it back together. Speedy little flyer. May add a hotter motor later.
Both the Machete and the Sledgehammer are developed and produced by Grumman5227. The origional Machete design is not a copy of Doc Halko's Superfly. That was my doing only.
Posted by 9LIVES1968 | Nov 08, 2006 @ 09:04 PM | 12,315 Views
This is the beginning of my speed fleet. I would like to give special thanks to Lmopar69 who set me down this road of need for speed and need to spend money to satisfy my need for speed and for Grumman5227 whose wings and products have allowed me to satisfy my search for both speed and for quality products that are superior to other manufactures out there as far as accessories quality and quantity, and super customer service. I call both of these guys my friends and am a better person for knowing and talking to them. Lmopar69 gave me the superfly for some plane building for him. It flew great stock and survived being stuck up a 120 ft pine tree for over a month very well. I have put in a Heli-Max 6 pole 2580 kv motor and cut down the 8x6 prop to 7x6. It pulls over 22 amps wot and spins the prop at 12,300 rpm. Alot faster than the stock 45-50 mph. I just ordered some CSRC 3s15c 2100 packs to surivive the increase in amps that I am going to subject this bird too. I also need them for a new wing that I will be buiding here shortly for Jeremy that will have a TRUE RC 2800kv spinning a Zagi prop and pulling over 330 watts on about a 24 oz airframe. Should be fun. Stay tuned for more.