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Posted by Jim T. Graham | Jan 24, 2011 @ 12:25 PM | 26,743 Views
I got into airplanes about the some time I got into music, at age 5. My grandpa would take me to every full scale airshow in an 100 mile radius. I grew up in Texas so that was quite a few shows a year. He also took me to every bluegrass festival in our area. So my love of guitars grew at the same rate as my love of planes. I have also found most of the building skills and tools I use in RC are very useful when working on acoustic and electric guitars.

I know a lot of you post videos and are usually in need of music. I thought it might be cool to post downloadable links to some of my songs. These are copyright free and RC video friendly.

Here you go!
APACHE (surfy, spaghetti western sound)

Sloe Gin Blues (laid back blues)

Texas Surf (highly charged surf music with periodic yells from me)

Chang Kai Shek (blues/rock)

Hell Blues (straight up driving blues)

Main Music Page Here:
Posted by Jim T. Graham | Jan 17, 2011 @ 11:28 AM | 26,418 Views
Mike and I started talking back in my Hobby Lobby days. This was pre 3D craze. At this point everyone in the hobby was buying foam and cutting their own designs or designs they found on RCG. Mike and I spoke frequently on the phone and he said he had purchased a large flat bed printer and took a saw to it so he could print on foam. A little while later the Mini GeeBee was born - the first 3D foamy with printing on it. That was the first 3D plane I talked Hobby Lobby into carrying and it went on top be a top seller. This led to Mike and I working together to bring out other planes. I have always considered Mike the forerunner to all the foamies we fly now. A lot of what we fly started with Mike Glass.

Mike was also a good friend. We hung out at many events all over the country over the years. Once I was at a trade show in New York City and Mike came by the hotel to take me on a tour of the city. He took me everywhere and picked up the tab all night and would not allow me to pay for anything. At one point he wanted to move down to Nashville and he and his wife met me at my favorite country town Leipers Fork. This was back in my Billy Hell RC days. I'll never forget we were in the "Country Boy" restaurant and very loudly Mike's wife proclaimed, "GAWD LOOK AT ALL THE HICKS!". I quietly turned to Mike and said, "Are you sure you want to move down here?" That little scene still makes me laugh. There is also the time I met Mike at a hotel near the...Continue Reading