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Posted by solentlife | Sep 01, 2018 @ 05:10 AM | 66,955 Views
I don't know about 'you' but I have a large number of models covering cars, boats, heli's, multi-rotors and fixed wing.

I sit there sometimes and just consider why i have so many. Is it the love of using so many different ? Is it the looking at them and knowing all mine ? Is it the joy of putting them together and seeing them create in my hands ?

I really do not know. But what I do know is that over 50% do not get to be used as I develop a collection that travels usually to / from flight / model area. I cannot really say I prefer those models - but somehow i feel more confident with them.

Lately - I have been looking through my vast hangar and checking out which is still really in condition to see use again. Its terrible to admit this - but near all are fit to go. Its a sad indictment of my waste of good models.

Additionally its terrible that I still scan through Hobby King ... and various online sites looking for the next model !
When at the PC ... one of the websites usually open ... Windguru ... checking out the weather over next days !!

Am I alone in this or is it really a common problem ?

I don't want a cure .. no way ... but would be nice to know I'm not alone !