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Posted by solentlife | Oct 10, 2014 @ 03:50 PM | 31,298 Views
On Aug. 22 - I finally got out of Crimea, by jumping a ship to Istanbul.

Once home - things started well but then I find myself in hospital instead of flying. My abdomen is so painful, I cannot sleep, cannot bend over to pick up anything. Diagnosed with Inflamed Bowel. 4 days of treatment, no food only water ... and they let me home.

Next the car starts playing games ... turns out vacuum side of fuel system is shot ....

I'm asked if I will return to Crimea ... so I contact Russian Consul for multiple visa to avoid same problem as previous .... first told - OK no problem.
While my passport is with them - I get call from UK telling that roof of my holiday home has been ripped off in bad weather ....

2 days later - consul decides I cannot have visa ! So passport is returned and I'm now set to travel to UK to sort out the roof.

As soon as I set travel - consul then let's me know that I can have visa IF Moscow agrees ....

So now I have agreed with them to get Moscow decision ... while I visit UK.

At least once I left hospital - I have managed to get some flying in. Even to start building a 71" aerobatic sport model for gasoline engine.

I just hope that rest of year improves !