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Posted by John75 | Nov 17, 2018 @ 10:42 AM | 874 Views
I'm new to the hobby and have got myself a Feiyue 06 for starters. Was running great until the second run when I lost a wheel nut, hex hub and pin and a small Hexagonal T head screw (4.0 x 10TM) from the front axle! Waited 2 weeks+ for replacements on eBay and ran today to find that the 6 wheel drive is no longer functioning. At first I thought it was all back 4 wheels operating well, but but now I've realised it's only the middle two wheels that are powered. Any ideas as a complete beginner on how to go about fixing it? Should I open all up and see if a drive shaft has come out or take it to the store (an hour away and when I get the chance!)? If I only up do I go from the top or the bottom? I know how to get the shell off at least!

Any advice much appreciated!