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Posted by martin s | Nov 16, 2018 @ 04:40 PM | 1,111 Views
recently saw a Brits V Germans WWII model aircraft battle - impressive. Once airborne, with height, it could have been full sized aircraft.

I have been mulling over the problems the modellers had.

1 aircraft easily kicked about by the wind.
2 aircraft can flick into a climb, turn or dive, much more quickly than a full sized aircraft.
3 aircraft batteries were large and needed recharging, daily.

My thoughts (read all three before commenting)
1 what about gyros to detect any changes to flight direction? They would need an output to control the flight control surfaces and maintain the flight path. Does anyone make these? It would give much faster flight correction than your fingers.
2 what about setting the gyros in motorised gimbals? Does anyone make these? The RC commands would go to the gimbals, to provide flight control.
3 what about using the motor to run a miniature alternator (does anyone make these?) to charge the battery, so that the battery could be tiny?

It needs a better geek than me to work this out, and to see if calibration was needed (I suspect it will not be needed, if the electronics respond quickly enough).

I suspect that, with a lot of effort, this could make model flying easier for everyone - apologies to you that are really good at it.