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Posted by Tincan Man | Nov 10, 2018 @ 03:51 PM | 1,244 Views
Hello All,
New to the site and hope this is ok and where it should be. Please forgive me if it's not. When I was a young teen as a gift from my parents I had been given one of the old Lindberg Blue Devil destroyer kits. it was assembled out of the box and spent many , many hours in my parents above ground pool. well as most things when your a young teen the model got banged around and tossed here and there till parts were broken and missing. So the model was taken apart. bad parts tossed away,and the hull salvaged into the storeroom in the basement to possibly be used to make some kit bashed ship at some point. Well years passed and the hull was pretty much forgotten, Untill a short while ago when a Blue devil kit that had been started to be assembled and painted and then abandoned was purchased at a garage sale by me as a trip down memory lane of the old one my parents had given me in my young teens. Upon looking over everything it was found some parts were missing, and the hull was cracked and busted some how. but my old hull came to mind and searching the basement I found it and realized. I could not only have my old model back in away, but now I could make the changes to the kit, and scratch build missing parts to make the old model into something more resembling a Fletcher class Destroyer, than what the kit actually resembles. So work has been started to rebuild the old kit. here is a couple photo's of the after stack , and deck house showing the...Continue Reading