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I have 10month old apm 2.6 in f450, after I wash the motor with water and stock for 2 weeks then I fly my drone, the motor stop in millisecond. I already checked the wirings and resolder the output pins and still no luck.
Im thinking that my apm output pins are fried.
Posted by UpNup | Sep 27, 2018 @ 08:33 PM | 1,369 Views
More landing gear progress. Installed 425 and 322 Hi Tec servos.

The trick was getting the hole cut in the front wall and running the control rods exactly where they should go.

The cockpit slid down over the servos with plenty of room to spare.

The next challenge is the motor controls.
Posted by flyinjrc74 | Sep 27, 2018 @ 08:19 PM | 1,537 Views
This started out as a toy truck I won for $20 on EBAY. I had intended on just building it and leaving it stock with the added plow I made for it from a go pro gimble. That was ok until I noticed axle ends and driveshafts cracking and eventually breaking after a couple runs. All of the pictures below show its progression to a $200 buck plow truck. Lol

This is a 1/16 replica of a 1982 Toyota.
Posted by old4570 | Sep 27, 2018 @ 05:47 PM | 1,972 Views

My next receiver test is this 4 channel flysky AFHDS 2A ( apparently now called FS2A ) . A word of warning , these receivers need to have the pins soldered in place by the purchaser . If you look at the pictures you will see that 3 of my solder joints were questionable . Good thing about Macro Photography , great way to check really small work . Anyhow , I went back and corrected the 3 questionable solder jobs .
Once again this is more a test to see how useful this receiver might be for DLG use , as I would be very interested in running a 1s battery without a voltage booster . Some time in the future I will have to so some servo tests , to see how much current they pull . Might be nice to have lower current servos in a DLG running a 1s solution less voltage boost . ( But that's down the track )

Variable Power Supply :
†Putting the small FS2A receiver on the power supply with 2x9g servos attached , I first tried 5v @ 0.5A - There was no browning out .
†Next I tried 4v , but I increased the available amps to 1 ( 1A ) . 4v @ 1A - There was no browning out .
†From here I went to 3.5v @ 1A - There was no browning out .
†Then I went to 3.2v @ 1A - There was no browning out .
†To push my luck I dropped the voltage to 3v @ 1A - There was no browning out .
†Ooooh come on , brownout already ! So I lowered the available current to 0.5A , 3v @ 0.5A , yes the Rx is browning out .
†At 3.2v the 9g servos are really feeling the low voltage , becoming sluggish . ( Perhaps a...Continue Reading
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Got a toy for hauling planes over to the strip.
Posted by mudman1959 | Sep 27, 2018 @ 09:07 AM | 1,342 Views
Once again my Hobby is under attack! The Government, Private Parties and Corporations want to limit my access to fly my Radio Control Airplanes. The pending new rulings include that my Radio Control Toy must have a Transponder System installed so they know when and where my Toy is at... At all times. I follow the AMA regulations and am a current Member. I fear our Hobby is now threatened and this may make our Hobby disappear. We live our lives by Rules and Regulations but this is getting ridiculous! The New Bill has already passed the House and now is up for a vote in the Senate. Please help us keep our Hobby alive! Read the attached AMA write up on this. Please contact your area Senators and let them know to vote NO on the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018
Posted by GroundControlRC | Sep 27, 2018 @ 08:09 AM | 2,022 Views
Glue & Fly Series F-22 Mini V1 - Flying in the Desert Sky via FPV!

Here is a link to the Video:

Having much fun with the Glue & Fly Series F-22 Mini V1
Flying in the Desert Sky via FPV!

WowWee fun!

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

See Us On Youtube | Patreon | RCGroups | Facebook
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Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

Thieye DrX review. This ThiEYE DR.X review video of this WiFi FPV 1080P Camera Optical Flow Altitude Hold RC Drone includes unboxing, inspection, setup & app overview.

You can get this on promotion sale here now:

ThiEYE Dr.X review - Unboxing, Inspection, Setup & App (Part I) (13 min 47 sec)

Posted by HOMI_EPP | Sep 27, 2018 @ 05:04 AM | 1,527 Views
It is really easy to have fun with this hand launch motor glider!
EPP battery charge hand launch glider plane
You can Launch it to fly without battery charge,also you can choose to charge it first in a short seconds

Flying weight:21G
Motor:KPD 7*16MM
Charge time:no more than 30s,better to charge 10-15s
(charging indication light and charge protection set)
Flight height:10-15M
Flying distance:100-150M
Flying time:45-60s.
Pack:30sets/carton(retailer box including holder)Weight:9.5KG/cartons

1,Connect the battery box plug with charging socket on the fuselage.
2,Turn on the battery box and keep the fusalage switched OFF.
3,After charging 10-15s,turn the battery box OFF and remove the charging plug.

charging time better within 10-15s,no more than 30s or the capacitor will be damaged.

Flying Operation:
Turn on the switch on fuselage,when the motors starts spinning in a high speed,throw the glider up in the air with an angle of 10-15 degree.
Posted by GRW3 | Sep 27, 2018 @ 12:54 AM | 1,783 Views
A couple of years ago, my trusty DX7 Acro (gen1) started giving me problems. This was after it had been accidentally knocked out of my hands. I was otherwise happy with Spektrum so I intended to stick with it. Looking at the variety of transmitters they had available at the time, I couldnít make a decision on which one to get. About the same time, They introduced the entry level DX6E, offering a good deal with a receiver and it ran genuine Airware, so thatís what I got.

Iíve had pretty good service with the DX6E, only had to send it in once for a power switch issue. Still, with time I decided I wanted to move up to a better model. I particularly wanted to get dual diversity because I want to go to more events, like I used to, and I think itís an advantage in a crowded radio environment. Also, the more advanced radios offer features, like talking, not available on the E model radios. So Iíve been shopping this year. I started following the big DX thread on RC Groups.

I have to admit I was attracted by the whiz bang dual computer iX12. I started following that thread too. There was a lot to like. It is very advanced in some aspects but at its heart itís a DX with a cool interface. I got a chance to handle one at the Toledo R/C Show and I was impresses by layout and graphics. Still, itís very pricey. I also noticed that the iX12 forum thread spends a lot of time talking about operating problems whereas the DX thread spends most of its posts discussing how to do things....Continue Reading
Posted by GBLynden | Sep 27, 2018 @ 12:52 AM | 2,367 Views
Here is my Outdoor Maiden Flight Review for the Eachine E33C RTF RC Camera Drone Quadcopter.

Eachine E33C RTF RC Camera Drone Quadcopter Outdoor Maiden Flight Review (6 min 26 sec)

This model is one of three different versions. The one featured in the video is the Eachine E33C and it has a 2MP camera. The Eachine E33 does not have a camera and the Eachine E33W is the Wifi FPV model.

Here are my review notes for this RC Camera Quadcopter:

- The bright lights
- It appears to be pretty durable
- It comes with spare props and spinners
- Landing gear and prop guards are optional
- Three flight modes
- It will perform fun flips outdoors
- It comes with a camera
- It looks good
- You can shut off the lights to conserve battery power

- The throttle is pretty touchy
Posted by RPM314 | Sep 26, 2018 @ 09:01 PM | 1,324 Views
Hi, all. This is a quick and simple FPV plane for small field and proximity flying. It's a rebuild of my previous such plane with revised reinforcements, a new wing with a bit larger span, and miscellaneous practical improvements. It has camera pan on the rudder stick, a thrust to weight greater than one, and can clip onto an FPV backpack.

-3mm XPS (HK brand depron)
-4mm x 1mm flat CF
-1/4in x 1/8in balsa stick
-1/16in balsa sheet
-1/16in polyethylene (for skidplates)
-packing tape (red, black)
-Foam Tac, hot glue

-RCX 1306 2300Kv motor / 5x5" prop
-CNHL 3s 350mAh
-FrSky X4r
-Turnigy 5g servos
-Foxeer arrow micro cam
-Quanum QE66 VTx

-750mm span
-12dm^2 area
-0.3 taper ratio
-270mm sweep
-160g...Continue Reading
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More Voltage / Range Test and Conclusion . ( Part 3 )

I put the Rx on my Variable output power supply , I also made up a special servo plug so I could monitor voltage from the servo pins directly to my MM
Was doing this to see if the voltage to the servo was in any way regulated ..
Short answer is no .. I set the input voltage to 7v and the output to the servos was 6.96 volts .. So no direct use of 2s battery packs ...

Next I wanted to test RANGE ( kind of important for RC )
Setting my Jumper T8SG Plus to range test mode ( 100uW ) ...
The iRangeX Rm610 was powered by a 1s Lipo .. ( Not fully charged ) ( Bind was in DSMx )
I was easily able to get to my maximum test distance of 50 meters , even when I put my body between the Rx and Tx there was no signal loss .
After the range test I measured the voltage on the battery .. ( 3.85v )

In conclusion all I can say is that I was impressed enough to right after range testing buy another iRangeX RM610 ...
Yeah , I bought another for no other reason than the Rx rocks my world hard !

1) Yes the Rx can brown out - because it does not get enough current .. ( Not a voltage issue )
2) Looks to run 1s brilliantly
3) Cheap
4) small and light
5) Range tested well
6) So far has only impressed

So I have hesitated to buy the RM610 for about a year now ..
One of the reasons was reading that some people were suffering brownouts ( might have been on quads )
Funny how negative stuff sticks .
So hopefully the information provided helps to balance out the picture and give people a more realistic idea of the RM601 receiver .

Next I will be testing a 4ch Rx from BG and literally putting it through the same tests ..
See if it will run 1s ......
Posted by mudman1959 | Sep 26, 2018 @ 07:34 PM | 1,344 Views
The Old FT Explorer received a Upgrade today... No longer sliding in on it's belly that's so caveman... It now has landing gear, The next FT project... The New Long EZ. This one should be a challenge to see!

Posted by GottaZoom | Sep 26, 2018 @ 06:55 PM | 2,319 Views
Jumper T12 Multi-Protocol Radio Control System - branched from OpenTX (12 min 11 sec)

This video is just a quick intro of the Jumper T12. My hope is this blog entry will become both a useful introduction and a resource for people who buy the T12. Please post questions or requests on the RCGroups T12 thread linked below.

Note: Banggood provides a product sample and lets reviewers post their own findings and opinions – this is a good thing for all of us. They provide an ID for each reviewer, so they can track which reviews people are motivated to check their website . When you find a review helpful, please consider voting your thanks to Banggood with a click to their website. I’m not going to get a fee for that. Your cost is the same if you decide to buy.

What is it?

The T12 is a radio control transmitter designed as 2 parts - a system.

The first large part is a controller that runs a lightly modified version of OpenTX firmware inside a small case that has the usual sticks and switches/pots, plus a bay like one formerly offered with JR brand radios (and a few other radios still available today). Control commands are sent by wire/pins to an external radio frequency (RF) module only when it is plugged into the bay.

The second part is a removable module in the bay that has its own processor running separate multi-protocol module (MPM) firmware that takes the controller inputs and...Continue Reading