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Howdy gang-

This will be my review of the MZ YY2003 – a 1/12 scale 6x6 military truck. This truck is a nice looking scaler truck with full proportional throttle and steering, working LED headlights, 6wd with locked diffs, and a 380-sized motor powering everything.

Banggood sent me this truck for review (two of them actually, first one broke). Thank you Banggood for allowing regular guys like me to review your new products!

For full stats, or to get the truck head over to Banggood –

There is also the YY2004 version of this truck, in a slightly different body style, in a grey/green color –

On to the review –

My box arrived in pretty rough shape. Banggood did their typical packing job of a layer or two of foam wrap over the box, but it was no match for some angry postal employee –

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This could be the start of something really BIG or TINY (Whoop). The beginnings of our front porch LED Whoop track. Hope to fly it real soon. Wonder if I can make it through the tiny gaps under the porch. What do you think?
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On November 22nd, Eagle Brother's professional drone spraying team operated on litchi trees to demonstrate drone sprayer efficiency on high fruit trees.

Eagle Brother's 17 kg payload helicopter sprayer

The litchi trees are about 10 meters hight in average and planted in a forest park only about one hour drive from our office. According to the litchi tree owners, it's very difficult for themselves to spray pesticide because the trees are too high and terrain is very complicated. They had to find new ways to handle the job and finally decided to invite us to demonstrate our drones after seeing them at an expo about half a month ago.

Eagle Brother's pilot prepare to fly

The team sprayed on the litchi trees with the TY-M12L multi-rotor drone and TY-787 unmanned helicopter. To demonstrate better, the team put test papers all over the sample trees from top to bottom. After a day's hard work, the team finished spraying on nearly 200 acres litchi trees. According to the test papers, the chemical had covered the samples from top to bottom with adequate density to kill pests.

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The stock Radian motor is a 480B BL Outrunner Motor; 960Kv Reverse Shaft PKZ4716 The shaft is 4 mm OD.
The stock folding prop is a 9.75 x 7.5 black plastic design with a 7mm thick base that uses a pin type axle that is held in place when the 51 mm OD spinner is secured to the backplate with two screws. I am using yellow painters masking tape to keep the pins from following out when the spinner is removed.

Using a new Glacier 1300 3S Lipo static current is 19 amps and 190 watts.
Using a new ZDP 1050 4S 70C static current is 28 amps and 360 watts

This is a 360/190 or 89% increase in power and could be used for short but fast climbs with the stock 30 amp ESC.

An aluminum spinner with matching Graupner CAM blades such as 11x8 would improve the strength and climb performance as well.
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Here’s my new Blzzard FR. Put in bearings, waiting for Sabertooth esc. Will add lights and possibly an interior.
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Mario xplus
Mario xplus 112418 (5 min 9 sec)

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The foam F-16 was originally set up for a 50 mm EDF. I removed this and fitted a rocket tube for C or D sized motors which I can ignite with a small brushed speed control on the retract channel. Fitted on the nose is a small brushless motor with a folding prop. All is powered by a small 500 mAmp 3 cell lipo. It is fun to ignite the rocket during a low center-stage fly-by; here is a video:
F-16 Rocket (0 min 39 sec)

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Motion F105 Thud
Motion f -105 thud 112418 (6 min 16 sec)

Posted by newelectro | Nov 28, 2018 @ 09:25 PM | 2,016 Views
Mike Hunt Speedfire 2
Speedfire 2 112418 (8 min 24 sec)

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Jumper T12 Part 3

I have been using the Jumper T12 as much as possible in the last week or so in an attempt to not just evaluate the Tx but also run down my AA batteries till a problem arises . Now the general consensus is that the module requires 5v to operate within parameters or problems may arise , problems like brown outs or complete loss of contact with the Rx and possibly range issues .

I was out flying my DIY micro DLG and all was going OK till the rudder refused to work at all . At the time I did not think to check the voltage , but the Tx was running in the 4.6v range . So it does not look like you have a lot of voltage to play with if you decide to go the AA route . I have ordered a 2s lipo as I am really starting to like the T12 a lot and plan to use the Tx on a very regular basis .

The T12 is a small Tx and feels small in the hand . But the only real issue for me is the soft gimbals . I especially don’t care for a soft throttle stick and I want some tension on it so I can use my rudder without inadvertently adjusting my throttle . Opening the T12 is relatively straight forward , you just need to remove the 6 screws that hold the case together . Then you need to open the battery cover and remove some tabs / inserts that sit on the shoulders of the transmitter . To remove these you need something like a butter knife to gently pry the tabs up and pop them lose . Thankfully Jumper has decided not to connect anything to the...Continue Reading
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Built from bare hull purchased off eBay
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Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

SJRC Z5 review. Night Flight with this NEW SJRC Z5 GPS 2.4G WiFi FPV Foldable RC Drone with Adjustable 1080P HD Camera, Follow Me mode and 14 minute flying time quadcopter drone.

Get this SJRC Z5 GPS WiFi FPV Foldable RC Drone here: for only $92.99 with coupon code PPJVPROW

SJRC Z5 Foldable GPS Drone review - Night Flight (3 min 51 sec)

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TOP GUN 2 Trailer (2018) (2 min 10 sec)

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Here's the result of my friend Elliot's final year media studies degree assignment

"Make a 3 to 5 minute film - subject "In the moment"

Hope you like it

Chicken Wings | 'In the moment' Richard Welch (4 min 14 sec)

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Just warming up my fingers in a small yard, enjoy!

Furibee X215 PRO Yard ripping (6 min 29 sec)

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Full review, subtitles are available with translation into any language.

Frsky&Eachine XSR-E Telemetry Receiver - бюджетный приемник (4 min 59 sec)

Excellent receiver for installing on a 20x20 stack

Link: Frsky & Eachine XSR-E
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The new Diatone GT-R239 is the new R90 2 inch FPV racing drone from Diatone. It have a plastic frame that is flexible and therefore durable.

A perfect drone for a beginner! The electronic componets are the same as in the 2.5 inch Diatone GT-R249
Both drones have the new Cobra 5500KV motors that works good with 3S on a 2 inch and very good with 4S on a 2.5 inch frame.
The F4 flight controller is very stable and the Runcam Micro Swift camera get with the VTX a very good video picture. Ok, ok, now you did not have the TBS Unify Pro VTX with 25-800mW and now you get only the Runcam VTX with 25-200mW but the drone cost only $99 That's good price for a prefecte 2 inch FPV racind drone.

Now, I thing you have the big question as a beginner FPV pilot. Witch is better 2 or 2.5 inch drone. And, yes the 2.5 inch is better for flying.
But the Diatone GT-R249 2.5 Inch have thin arms and if you have a crash the you destroy the arms after the first flight.
So my recommendation is take the 2 inches drone and later if you can fly, then you can transfer all components to a 2.5 inch frame.
My opnion is the Diatone 2018 2.5 inch frame better, durable and you can put on top a mini HD camera like the Firefly mini HD camera or the new Quelima SQ20 Mini HD Camera.
But currect you can not get the old Diatone 2018 frame because it is sold out and you can get only the GT-M2.506 bottom carbon spare part and get the aluminium canopy from the available Diatone GT-M2.5 Normal Plus...Continue Reading
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A little night flying with my Bugs 3,having a look at my holiday decoration 1


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Frsky Taranis X-Lite 2.4G 16CH Transmitter with Hall Sensor Gimbals Mode 2 + R9M Lite + R9 Mini Receiver
Cool the long range version.
130€ Flash Deal

Package Contents:
- X-Lite Transmitter
- R9 Mini Receiver
- R9M Lite Module

The X-Lite is the new version with two more screws at bottom.
With the bundle you get the R9 Lite long range module with the standard elastic antenna. Better you get the FrSky Super 8 antenna for the module for better range.
The very small R9 MINI receiver have only a non inverted output for telemetry. If you have a F3 or F4 flight controller then it is better to get the newer FrSky R9 MM receiver.
The new R9 MM receiver looks the same as the old version R9 MINI but the new have a non-inverted telemetry output tu connect to a free TX port on your FC. For more better range you can use the new FrSky Dipole T Antenna on your 4-6 inch FPV racer drone.

Link - Taranis X-Lite with R9M from Gearbest

My video (EN subtitle) - Taranis X Lite german EU Firmware with R9M Lite 900MHz Module
Taranis X Lite deutsche EU Firmware mit R9M Lite 900MHz Modul (4 min 8 sec)

Link - FrSky R9 MiNI receiver from Hobbyking for only $9.50

Link - FrSky R9 MiNI receiver from Gearbest Coupon: SWwOx6Jg:

FrSky R9 MM receiver from Banggood Coupon: TTxBG10

Link - FrSky 900MHz Super 8 Antenna for R9M / R9M Lite Module from Banggood Coupon: TTxBG10
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