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Posted by josephdilas | Jun 02, 2017 @ 08:30 AM | 1,918 Views
i bought a sungrow inverter, 10KVA model-22010, sine wave. it came in with a compact disk containing the code for activation, but unfortunatley for me the cd got broken. i dont know if anybody have an idea on how to get the code.

Posted by nigelsheffield | Jun 02, 2017 @ 04:24 AM | 7,588 Views

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Just recieved this great little FC and ESC for a micro brsuhless build I am planning and thought I would share it and give a quick review.

BoldClash Fish01 Mini SUBS F3 and 4-in-1 1S 4A Blheli_S ESC Flight Controller Tower with built-in SBUS 8CH Receiver for Frsky X9D X7 Dshot 600

For those who don't know it is a very light flight controller and 4in1 ESC with dshot 600 based on Simon fishpepper design and boldclash have given credit to him unlike other manufacturers who took his design and renamed it their own.
I have already got the racerstar 4in1 ESC which is same size but it has a problem with not working on a fully charged lipo so I had to wait maybe 4 minutes for battery to drain via the camera vtx before I could fly on each battery.
So my first test after binding to my taranis ( which was easy, just press bind button and power up with taranis in bind mode d8) was to put a fully charged battery in and this boldclash version worked right away.
So right there are 2 good reasons to buy this one over the racerstar version.

I then did a range test and that was as expected , I tested with taranis is range check mode and was happy with the result, I think the 200m range stated with be about right and plenty enough for the tiny build this will be used for.
Weight is something like 4.2 to 5 grams but that will depend on...Continue Reading
Posted by neonext FPV | Jun 02, 2017 @ 02:53 AM | 5,746 Views
Racerstar Racing Edition 2305 BR2305S 2400KV 2-5S Brushless Motor For X210 X220 250 300 FPV Racing Frame

Grab Yours on for 32.19$

Hi guys here is my short video test of new Racerstar Racing Edition 2305 BR2305S 2400KV .

Racerstar Racing Edition 2305 BR2305S 2400KV 2-5S (1 min 46 sec)

Trust - Pull 1090g
Nice design
Stainless steel motor shaft
Long life Japanese NMB ball bearings
Oxygen free copper wire

So far none - after flight i will write my conclusions

Brand: Racerstar
Item name: BR2305S 2400KV Brushless Motor
RPM/V: 2400KV
Height: 32.5mm
Width: 28.5mm
Shaft diameter: M5
Motor mount hole size: M3
Weight: 30 grams
Voltage: 2-5S
Battery: 2-5S lipo battery
Internal resistance: Ω
Usage: X210 X220 250 280 300 FPV Racing Frame

Tested with 18.5V voltage 5045 propellers:
Load current: 38A
Pull: 1120g
Power: 660W
Efficiency: 1.7 (g/W)

CW screw thread motor comes with red cap
CCW screw thread motor comes with black cap

Stainless steel motor shaft
Long life Japanese NMB ball bearings
Oxygen free copper wire
CNC machined aluminum case
More powerful than BR2205S

Package included:
2 x BR2305S 2400KV Brushless Motor CW
2 x BR2305S 2400KV Brushless Motor CCW
Posted by Loloprice | Jun 02, 2017 @ 01:44 AM | 2,444 Views
- Single blade helicopter, more flexible, rapid, brings you more exciting experiences
- Flybarless system, aerodynamically designed to achieve extreme stability
- 3D / 6G mode, can be switched freely
- 3D mode for 3-axis gyro, sensitive and flexible, suitable for aerobatic flight
- 6G mode for high precision 6-axis gyro, ensures steady fly, suitable for beginners
- High power 1912 2830KV brushless motor, makes it easy to operate and control
- 2.4G anti-interference technology, allows multiple helicopters to fly together
- Stronger wind resistance, easier to control
- Made of tough material, anti-shock and durable
- With flashing light, makes a better night flight
- Functions: up, down, forward, backward, turn left, turn right, left and right side fly, aerobatic fly

- Brand: WLtoys
- Model: V950
- Frequency: 2.4G
- Gyro: 3D / 6G
- Flight Time: 15mins
- Charging Time: 50 - 60mins
- Motor: 1912 2830KV brushless motor
- Helicopter Battery: 11.1V 1500mAh lithium battery
- Transmitter Battery: 4 x 1.5V AA battery ( not included )
- Control Distance: 120m

- Action Time: 15mins
- Age Range: > 8 years old
- Charging time: 50 - 60mins
- Control Channels: 6 Channels
- Controller Battery: 4 x 1.5V AA battery ( not included )
- Controller Mode: MODE2
- Material: Metal,Plastic
- Motor: Brushless Motor
- Power Source: Electric
- Remote Control: Yes
- Remote Distance: 120m
- State of Assembly: Ready to fly
- Package weight: 1.185 kg
- Product Size(L x W x H): 46.00 x 45.00 x 17.00 cm / 18.11 x 17.72 x 6.69 inches
- Package Size(L x W x H): 54.00 x 26.00 x 14.00 cm / 21.26 x 10.24 x 5.51 inches
Posted by Jack Crossfire | Jun 01, 2017 @ 11:49 PM | 3,536 Views
The lion kingdom's 1st motor was the Gilbert DC-3 motor. It was a marvel for a 5 year old, but it was quite difficult to get the 3V to power it in 1980. Nowadays, low voltages are everywhere, but in those days, everything ran on 120V unless it was expensive.

The motor collection has grown, over many vehicles. They're a lot more efficient than the DC-3. There are a few more little motors. Without a purpose, they're doomed.
Posted by RCvertt | Jun 01, 2017 @ 10:39 PM | 4,685 Views
I like the build quality so far. Can't wait to put it together. Little bigger than the one I built a few years ago.

Unboxing video if you want to see a box being opened...
V22 from Banana Hobby -unboxing (4 min 41 sec)

Posted by Vic Williams | Jun 01, 2017 @ 08:46 PM | 2,149 Views
To whom it may concern. Setting up for control line 77 inch wing span. NEED IDEAS FOR ENGINE SIZE control handle etc. thanks.
Posted by ocso295 | Jun 01, 2017 @ 07:23 PM | 3,313 Views
Just got a picture of my tie brother in law painted it.....this guy is amazing....

Can you see the micro cam and tx inside?
Maiden before paint

The Tie Fighter....maiden flight (1 min 7 sec)

Can't wait to get it back and fly it with fpv gear
Posted by mlilasic | Jun 01, 2017 @ 05:26 PM | 5,525 Views
Here is 356g DSHOT600 freestyle build with XSRF3E (F3 EVO FC with built in XSR full range and telemetry receiver) & Racerstar Star20 ESCs and BR2205S motors

Weight: 356g

Parts list:
Racerstar Star20 20A DSHOT600 detachable 4 In 1 ESC -
Racerstar BR2205S 2300KV motors -
FrSKY XSRF3E - F3Evo FC with integrated full telemetry XSR receiver -
XBEE-X MK2 frame -
FrSky Taranis Q X7 2.4GHz 16CH Transmitter -
Skyzone FPV googles -
BG HS1177 FPV cam. clone - (600TVL 2.8mm Lens 1/3" Sony Super Had II CCD Camera for FPV Racing Drone PAL/NTSC)
Eachine TX526 5.8G 40CH 25mW/200mW/600mW Switchable FPV TX -
DALPROP T5045C Cyclone -
Rubberized battery strap -
ISDT Q6 Plus 300W 14A MINI Pocket Battery Balance Charger -
Rubber anti vibration Rings for FC
Posted by mlilasic | Jun 01, 2017 @ 04:35 PM | 21,329 Views
Review of Frsky XSR-M / EACHINE XSR-E - 15x15mm D16 2.4G 16CH ACCST Dual Telemetry Receiver SBUS CPPM Output

This insanely tiny and compact 2.4GHz diversity receiver available from FrSky is the next big thing in miniaturization of race or freestyle craft.
Weighing at low 3g, this receiver is perfect for those race and freestyle pilots who are looking to lower their AUW or to achieve cleaner or smaller build. XSR-M (XSR-E) is rated sa “full range”, so identical to your XSR, X4R and D4R setups.
FrSky calls this receiver XSR-M, but Eachine calls it XSR-E.


...Continue Reading
Posted by slingshots | Jun 01, 2017 @ 01:03 PM | 4,726 Views
Part 1
I just got my broken a-10 in the mail( i got here on rcgroups thanks aring) it has a badly broken nose and and popsicle sticks to reinforce the nose. I took some of the popsicle sticks out because it would weight it down to much. I then glued the top pieces together and pored boiling water over the nose, where the the nose had broken right where the plastic end stopped. I then glued that together, after the glue is done drying I am going to remove a few of the other popsicle sticks. as for the bottom i took some fiber i cut off some push-rods and poked it through the foam under the servos so i can attach the bottom part, then on the bottom i glued in a strip of fiber at goes from the servos to the front to prevent it from breaking in many pieces.

Part 2
I just took out more of the pop sticks and replaced it with more fiber. first I installed more fiber on the bottom and took off some of the clothes pins and put them on the top, where i took out two more pop stick pieces. I am going to leave the pop-stick square in the nose there because that makes it so it will not flex. On the bottom I attached the piece with the plastic gun parts and had the fiber that was mounted under the servos hold it in.

Part 3
I have just cut a hatch to the electronics that is meant for access to the electronics, because i am going to glue down the bottom and top half's so it will be more durable, with the reinforced fuse and then the half's glued together it will be A LOT MORE...Continue Reading
Posted by Flyboy222 | Jun 01, 2017 @ 12:46 PM | 3,363 Views
Recently Fordís employees showed their vision of the future drones to the world. They were asked to think about how the city of tomorrow could be changed by drones and robots. So here are some of Fordís drone concepts that they came up with.
Posted by AlkaM | Jun 01, 2017 @ 12:38 PM | 6,860 Views
This is a very simple esc to build. It actually uses P-fets for the upper switch and switches them through a voltage divider. The bottom n-fet is driven directly from the MCU. I have tested it in a quad on 2s and 3s and on the bench with 1s ( don't have a 1s flight controller to test with). It didn't even explode on 4s with a racerstar 1306 motor !( but most likely would in the air or the motor would smoke). It can't give a current rating but it will be fine for the smaller motors up to 15 amp burst. In practice the motor got much hotter than the esc's for the 1306's.
It's tricky to get the bridge to switch fast enough so the resistor and component choices are critical. There are only a handful mosfets that I know of that would work on the pcb at that switching speed with such poor drive current. Also the pinout for the p-mosfet is different from the norm so look at the parts notes on the schematic carefully if you want to build this. The layout is a for a four layer board but the schematic is pretty basic to make a two layer version.
Uses firmware F_H_90.

Gerber files and schematics and layout in the zip.

Upper mosfet p-channel : CSD25402Q3
Lower mosfet n_channel: CSD17304Q3
Posted by charles hidalgo | Jun 01, 2017 @ 12:08 PM | 6,634 Views
Helix frame with integrated PDB/FC/VTX/OSD
Brotherhobby tornado V2 motors
Aikon 30a esc blheli-s
Lumenier FPV cam
tbs triumph antenna
Spektrum autobind race rx
Dal cyclone props.
Assignable LED lighting
Xiaomi HD cam
Posted by Woodinthesky | Jun 01, 2017 @ 11:41 AM | 3,029 Views
Posted by Tarmakin | Jun 01, 2017 @ 11:24 AM | 3,496 Views
Anyone who follows my blogs or even my yoututbe channel Dans RC Workbench has seen my videos on Soloshots manipulation of wording. Had this company came out in the beginning and stated that they were doing a crowd sourcing campaign or kickstarter campaign I would have never given them my money. But no they stated it as a pre-order. Well by the time i realized I was knee deep in an R&D project I figured I would stick it out. Well they have struck again with yet more delays, lies, deception and just all around poor judgment.

Soloshot 3 Delayed Again - June 2017 trailer (1 min 0 sec)

Posted by Flyboy222 | Jun 01, 2017 @ 08:58 AM | 3,336 Views
Many drones are offering 4K and for good reason: it is the standard in drones today, so does 4K truly make that big of a difference compared to 1080p?
Posted by aerosurfer | Jun 01, 2017 @ 08:47 AM | 4,413 Views
Prepare for some relaxation

Waves (5 min 18 sec)