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The Phantom is the newest addition to our range of First Person View (FPV) models. It is a great flyer with very predictable handling qualities, excellent stability and lots of wing area to cope with additional loads for FPV use.

The Phantom features tough EPO construction with moulded in camera bays - one forward looking just under the nose and another mount in the top of the canopy with a plywood support pre-installed. This updated version features premium 3K wrapped carbon tube spars, and now breaks down into three pieces for easy transport.

Assembly of the airframe is very simple, literally four glue joints required - foam glue is also included!

This being the kit version you will require your own choice of 9gram servos, motor and speed controller - we suggest a low current power system not exceeding 30 amps, this will provide you with flights in excess of 30 minutes on a 3s 4500mAh lipo.

FPV pilots will appreciate the space under the canopy - it's cavernous! There is plenty of space for your choice FPV gear.

• Kit Version - Assemble and install your choice of electronics
• Ultra though EPO construction
• Ultra stable flight performance
• Excellent FPV platform
• 30 minute plus flight duration on 4500mAh 3s lipo
• Easy to Hand Launch, Easy to Land
• Stable Handling at Low and High Speeds
• Updated with 3K wrapped carbon tube spars
• Updated with removable outer wing panels for easy transport

Wingspan: 1550mm
Length: 683mm
Flying Weight: 900g

4 Channel Radio (with delta mixing)
3S 11.1V 4500mAh Lipoly battery
2 x 9g servos
30amp Esc
900kv Brushless Outrunner Motor
Parts List:

Zeta FX-61 Phantom FPV Flying Wing EPO 1550mm Wingspan RC Airplane Kit

RVOSD 6 Autopilot

EZUHF 8 Channel Diversity Receiver

RunCam Night Eagle 2

FX-61 Phantom Aluminum Motor Mount

RCG Thread

FX-61 Phantom build.

Zeta FX-61 Phantom Wing

Zeta FX-61 Phantom Wing Number 2

FX-61 Playlist

Compare to:
Skywalker X6
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How do I post an rc for sale in classified?
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The Airbus whale-painted transport plane puts the whole world in good mood. A massive new transport plane from French airline Airbus smiles while it flies. Painted like an arctic whale, the brand new “BelugaXL” just completed its first successful test flight in Toulouse, France, Maxim reports. Designed to carry massive aircraft parts between France and Germany, passengers won’t be able to take a ride on one of these when they’re regularly up in the air in 2019.
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you can get it here

Runcam Split 2 camera case (1 min 6 sec)

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UPDATE 7/30/18
Maiden was a failure. Have to be able to see the plane to fly it line of sight. No damage in first flight. Line of sight does not work when you fly too far away and the plane disappears in the background of gray clouds with 2D mode on and the plane not properly trimmed out before engaging The Eagletree Guardian stabilizer.
Nano Goblin maiden 7 29 18 (0 min 52 sec)

$230 spent with RMRC and I now have a Nano Goblin with the add on camera plus two batteries. I also bought a spare VTX as a backup. It is now ready to fly. I added a 5 A Ubec, a 6 channel Orange RX (Spektrum) and a Eagletree Guardian. The prop is only 3 inches in diameter and you get one left and right. If you break one you only have to swap out any two wires on the ESC connection to use the opposite rotation prop.

Building was a non-event. Applying the decals or stickers wrinkle free was biggest challenge. Everything just fits. The 6 channel Orange Diversity receiver, SBEC and Guardian make for a tight fit.

Range checked at 90 plus paces.

Max throws are 12 mm (6 mm up and 6 mm down) at high rates with 25% expo. I had to dial down the rates in the TX. I also moved the servo arm connection inward one hole to increase servo resolution. No need for long servo arms when you dial back the throws.

Camera is an all in one 200 mw Sinopine that plugs into the receiver. 5 volts max. input. Do not unwittingly plug it into a balance tap. A crispy critter will be the result.

Weight is 247 grams or 8.7 ounces (or about two sticks of butter) all up weight measured with a common kitchen scale.

AMP draw test
Using the Eflite Power meter with a freshly charge pack (after setting throttle range):

Run 1 at wide open
7.7 volts
6.5 amps
46 watts

Run 2 at wide open
7.4 volts
6.5 amps
48 watts.

Lithium Ion 3200 mah 2S pack weighs about 100 grams
Charge to 4.2 volts per cell.
Battery university recommends .5 amp charge rate.

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New market in the city centre! - betaflight 3.4.0 | FPV FREESTYLE (2 min 40 sec)

It's always a pleasure when you have such beautiful and cool spot in the centre of your city!!!!

Check awesome products here:

I hope you enjoy and if you like what you see, please subscribe my channel! .....THANK YOU!!!

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BBR Lipo battery company is a thief and cheater🤣🤣

They stole the battery photos and video from Etop Power batteries, and pretend the Etop Power batteries to be their own batteries.

I don't think it's good for BBR lipo to sell batteries in such a way. 👎👎👎👎

It's not fair for the company who is really do good work on their products.
If anyone can sell products by steal and cheat , who do the best on their products?
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My old Brisbane ferry boat all made out of wood made in 1960s
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Summer really hot, make AKK sale boom boom boom dont miss it

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My huge boat collection 40 boats all together
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Gearbest is having a clearance sale
Seriously , a F36 for $7.99
Taranis Qx7 for $89

You don't want to sit on your hands for this one
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I've been wanting to build a P-12 ever since reading Frank Tallman's book 'Flying the Old Planes'. He raves about how great it flys and how tough it is. Back in the 80's Herb Tischler rebuilt a P-12 from a hulk found in Florida. I didn't really give the history of the airframe much thought until a couple years ago. The owner donated the airplane to the Seattle Museum of Flight sometime in the late 80's. The book they published about the restoration had several color plates including one of Milo Burcham's personal P-12 that he campaigned in the 30's as an aerobatic act. After nearly 30 years of having this book I finally got around to reading it in 2016. I was amazed to find out the Museum of Flight P-12 was Milo's P-12...well what was left to rebuild. After Milo acquired the airplane he had the fuselage metalized and flew it actively until the war broke out. Milo was killed in a P-80 accident in 1944 when the engine flamed out after departing Burbank Airport. His P-12 has a sketchy history after that but the big pieces survived. As much as I like military airplanes, I thought it would be cool to build a P-12 like Milo's. The drawings I am doing are for a stock P-12, I'll add Milo's modifications with dashed lines. I'm drawing it up as a 60 span, but I'm thinking it's kinda small. Here are some photos...fortunately it was well documented in the 1930's and I have around 20 photos it in various states of modification.


establishing the profile
IMG_9969 by jim harley, on Flickr

as it sits today in Seattle
199443_10151223670479533_66425462_n by jim harley, on Flickr

Milo, then and now, well, the airplane
Milo by jim harley, on Flickr

17342676_10155165083874533_7204185233815196472_n by jim harley, on Flickr
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Awesome pusher jet 9mm Depron foam.
Nearly complete.
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Well I just bought an almost new Yuri X Plus Hotliner. I feel the need for speed, or something like that. I've ordered a new turbo spinner and larger motor mount for the X. I'm also going to double the battery size and see if I can get some serious power into it. Time will tell how this is going to work out.

I have some really experienced guys who are helping guide me through this process. I don't think I could figure this stuff out without their help.

Will post again soon.
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Checkout my video review on the 2205 budget motors from

Robotdog 2205 2500kv review (2 min 37 sec)

Smooth and light motors at a good price.
They don't have the same power as the top of the line 2207s but I can recommend these for a light cruiser build.