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Hello,everybody, this is Linda from TopXGun ShangHai, we are manufacturing flight controller for multi-rotor drone, RC products and racing hobby.We already launched many new line products, for example,T1,T1-S,T1-PRO,D1 and T1-A which used in agricultural.
Welcome everybody review our website
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Time to take a moment to reflect a bit.

A know that I am writing in my blog FFWD from my last post (and oh how so much has transpired and changed), but this needs to be (yet another) reminder that attention to detail is paramount.

Currently, I have graduated from my 'symas' to a 250 class X-Quad that is fast as all getout. After losing a speed controller (and going through the entire process of redoing new bullet connectors and soldering it all back in - during the testing, the new SC was fried.

Why? Because of not paying enough attention to detail, and leaving the female bullets exposed (as you would the male parts) with heatshrink. They touched, the motor twitched, and ozone was abundant in the air.
Now, I am replacing a SC - hopefully the motor survived...
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Starting to get a few views and subs! Please sub and like
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So onto my second contest of the year. April 30 the Charlotte Aeromodelers hosted their spring Pattern contest. We left the house at 6am and arrived around 830 am. Unpacked registered and socialized a little.

There were 5 pilots flying intermediate and a total of about 30 pilots I believe.

I am still flying the Eflite Splendor. And like usual am at a disadvantage of over 20 inches of wing span.

Weather was good. In he low 70's to start the day and a slight cross wind. The field faced towards the North and we were flying a pattern from left to right.

First round went pretty good. After the round was complete I was sitting in 3rd.

As the day went on the wind picked up and clouds came about. After second round I dropped down to 4th.

Third round I did not move at all. And at this point they had dropped my lowest round which happen to have been 877.89. The guy in 4th had a dropped round of 798.34.

Fourth round went really good as the wind really picked up but I managed very well with the smaller plane. At the end of the day I was sitting in 3rd. That would be it for me. As I had commitments and would not be able to make it Sunday.

My friend Tim made the trip the next day but the event was called due to rain and weather. So I ended up 3rd.

All in all not bad at all. I am looking forward to getting the Vanquish 2m flying.
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Zoom Zoom
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JOE NALL 2016 RC AIRSHOW! (2 hr 9 min 19 sec)

This year WAS-A-BLAST!

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this problem is literally killing me and has done for about 2 weeks now.

I have a naza lite and 'updated' it to V2 software because when it was in GPS it would fly fine but after 5 or 6 minutes it would click into failsafe and try to land. I would swap over to atti before it landed and then it would fly fine again - flipping back into gps meant it would go back into failsafe. I tried literally everything and it did it every flight, turning off low voltage, recalibrating etc - every flight after 5 or so minutes it would do it.

So i upgraded to V2, advanced IMU calibration everything set up, did the GPS dance etc. Time to fly - still the same problem.

I turn it on in gps, wait for the warm up (takes 2 minutes) and finds homepoint, goes 2 green + 3 red LEDs to 2 red to 1 red and then just two green flashes. This is when i take off and position it about 10ft off the ground in front of me. Then i get a couple of orange flashes in with the 2 green, then a multiple red and back to green, then flashes red rapidly, into failsafe and tries to land.

Problem now is, after i flick over to atti, after about say 3 minutes (LED indicator normal atti) it just drops out the sky with motors still spinning. sometimes im able to save it and bring it back up and others it hits the deck. its driving me literally insane - anybody got any ideas? faulty board? go back to naza lite and do something different?
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Video of a funky lake (dam placed at lake controls water levels) taken with my X-Phantom... sniff... sniff...

0:36 Boat 0:51 1:04 1:42 sunken forest 1:19 Panorama 2:22 fast ground approach 2:39 Sped up overhead take off 3:04 Question Mark!

Flooded Forest - Stave Lake :) (3 min 11 sec)

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Mountain Dew is sponsoring a drone race this August. Even created an ad to promote the event.
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The DJI Phantom 4 allows you to record full hd at 120 fps, which it then makes into slow motion video at 30fps (29.97), 4x slower than reality, so we thought we'd go out and create some slo mo wave action at the beach.
DJI Phantom 4 Slow Motion Video Test (2 min 23 sec)

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World's Smallest WiFi FPV Quadcopter

FQ777 - 954 The Eyes (World's Smallest WiFi FPV Quadcopter) - Review and Flight (12 min 38 sec)

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I managed to setup a monitor rig using my smartphone for flying with my AP hex.

Fatshark 250mW TX
Immersion RC Uno 5800 RX
EasyCap USB Recorder
EasyCap Viewer App
800Mah LiPo
Samsung Galaxy S5

This setup works really well for what it is. With the GoPro on 60fps there is a slight lag in the system but still can fly via the monitor. At 30fps the delay is negligible for this type of application. For a FPV quad setup I'm doubtful this system would work as there is some latency in the video

The whole unit on the back of my DX6 can be removed as one piece so if I decide to fly other models I am not stuck with my RX package stuck to the back. It does add some weight but handheld is still perfectly fine and with a neck strap its not even noticeable.
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QAV210 hover with Tattu 1550mAh 45C (Battery Alarm set at 3.6vol)
QAV210 frame, Emax Red-base 2205 kv2300 motors, DAL BN5045T Props, Naze32 Flight Controller Rev5, TS5828 Vtx, CC3D PDB with LC Filter.

QAV210 hover with Tattu 1550mAh 45C (Battery Alarm set at 3.6vol) (11 min 40 sec)

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Got tempted by a cheap deal and bought a few h101 from
After flying the cx10w and getting a taste for indoor flying again this quad is enormous fun, it is really fast and agile and yet very stable.
I found the controls a little lacking and did not like the flips and inverted which is just the quad flying upside down but all controls work as though it was the right way up.
So I built the diy tx multimodule
For my taranis and have much better control.
Then I decided I would rather have a real acro mode rather than the silly flips and inverted and headless modes so i flashed the h101 with new fw
Now I have a fantastic quad which flys like a real grown up quad lol.
It handles wind easily now and with some practice i can do manual flips and possibly fly inverted but with controls as they would be on a real 3d heli.
Only down side of the quad is battery bay is small and will only fit 150mah battery which lasts 4 to 5 minutes tops but I bought a charger and 5 batteries for £9(more then the quad) ,unfortunately the ebay seller sent me batteries that were too big to fit so i hacked one of the quads battery bag to try them but quad flew badly with extra weight and rattles more because battery bay is part of the structure of the frame but seller refunded in full so can't complain.
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I and my friends' K110 have the tail boom poked through the mount base after having some crash.

To avoid this happen again on my K110 #2, i decided to poke it before the tail boom dose

Frames from my old model kits works great, just cut it into length that fits and glue it there = no more tail boom poking thru.
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Best crash so far (0 min 29 sec)