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Posted by BDOG1 | Mar 23, 2019 @ 06:18 PM | 1,742 Views
Order has been restored to the universe {at least in my hanger}

The day started with a inch or two of snow and temps around 25 but with bright sunshine and wind still 20 mph gusting to 30 .
I waited for the sun to raise the temps and melt the snow,they predicted 30's by early afternoon.

So out I went with my trusty glider retrieval system { old collapsible pool net handle ,a section from my roof snow rake ,a old coat hanger and of course duct tape }...".Remember guy's if you cannot be handsome you might as well be handy".....
might as well bring the Swift back out as well since I am going to walk back up the hill anyway.

I wondered if the wind might have blown it down but there she was where I "left her" still in the top of the tree on the back side no worse from the wear of a stormy night in the elements .
I taped the sections of handle together and the coat hanger as a hook at the top ,maneuvered it thru the brush and tree limbs and with a little shake and tug on the limbs down she came ,right into my hands .
I was tempted to try to fly her again but decided not to push my luck {when i got home I plunged the battery back in and everything is working fine }
Once back up on top of the hill {after a bit of a rest } I flew the Swift for around a hour,packed up and headed back down the hill and home.
A Good day !

BTW - I remembered that last year the wind following a Noreaster behaved the same way,
first day great wind but also snow/rain or mix
Next day great wind Sunshine and dry -
Keep them in the air Boy's !
Posted by BDOG1 | Mar 22, 2019 @ 06:31 PM | 1,692 Views
A classic NorEaster romping up the east coast today and tomorrow.
Wrap around winds coming off Lake Ontario from the North West with rain changing to snow ,temps dropping from the 40's to mid 20's.......
Yup It's time to Slope

I cruised around with my Windrider Swift for around 45 minutes until my gloves wet through and my hands got cold,I thought "gee I would rather fly in snow than rain......
Was going to pack up and go home when the snow started {and + 22 mph winds }
Cant go home with out flying in the snow one more might be the last snow till next winter....probably not

Out we go with the Heavy Dan Wing ,ripped it up and down across the face of the hill as the squalls came through ,what a blast, didnt even feel cold wet hands and all .
I should have put my goggles, I let it get to far out around the lip of the hill and it got blown over to the back side ..
Oh well - soft landing in a tree .
I will retrieve it tomorrow ,my gloves should be dry by then
Posted by BDOG1 | Mar 11, 2019 @ 07:11 PM | 2,658 Views
The wind was forecast in the mid 20's the temps were above freezing and the direction was crossed on the slope but i figured I would give it a shot with my ODR's.

The yellow ODR bird is from G.E.M.S and is my heavy at 33 oz .

The white is a Leading Edge One design Racer in at 26 oz .

With the wind blowing thru a head row and across the slope at 22 mph gusting around 28 I put the yellow ODR up first.
The heavier weight allowed it to penetrate the gusts but it was a struggle to keep her in the air when the wind ebbed ,the wind shadow behind the hedgerow was a killer ,just not enough lift , I had a 8 min flight and a 10 min flight both resulting in the "walk of shame" to retrieve

Time for the LEG - I launched straight into the wind across the face of the hill and easily climbed above the tree line ,I spent the next 45 minutes finding the "sweet spot" above the trees , I could park it and gentily zig zag back and forth across the top of the hill or push down and rip it up out in front of the face then elevator it back up above the trees . A Great flight !
I put the yellow back out to verify the lift had not gotten better on the LEG flight,nope short flight - just not enough lift for the extra weight.
A good outing for sure
Posted by BDOG1 | Mar 07, 2019 @ 07:56 PM | 2,481 Views
I finally got back out for some slope flying today after a month layoff.
Due to lack of proper wind this past February was a complete bust ,last year when ever a North Easter would blow through the next 2 to 3 days would produce great wind 20 to 30mph straight up our hill,This year the wind after the storms has all been crossed -just when I thought I had the pattern figured out -
Anyway the forecast was for good direction 14mph coasting down to 12 mph by late afternoon so I left work a 1/2 hour early to be at the top of when the max mph was predicted to blow.

as on cue 3:00 found 15 mph steady gusting to 20mph...and Sunshine a pleasant surprise -

I had brought out a G.E.M.S Knife Edge - wide body, Of course A SIZZLE {all ways in my quiver} and My trusty Park Zone KA-8

The wide body flew well but as it was intended for lower wind conditions it did not penetrate and hold its inertia as well as my stock Knife Edge when the gusts ramped up,I had brought it expecting the wind to subside to 12 mph ....note to self - maybe a white wing is not the best color for snowy winter flying

The Sizzle was next - I spent a hour tearing up the slope with her,a kick in the pants as usual ADHD in all the right ways .

Then I finished the afternoon with a 1/2 hour on the KA-8, like dancing with a fat lady -
My fingers were starting to hurt so I brought her down and packed up,I hated to call it quits with daylight and sunshine,and wind remaining but probably the right call.
I Will sleep well tonight !