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Posted by santanig5 | Jan 09, 2016 @ 05:46 PM | 11,896 Views
After weeks of trying to find an alternative to the stock plastic retracts (FN301)
I found on the FMS web site the E-Retract004 E-Retract Set For 1400mm F4U/P40 with metal trunions

So I bought them, and found that there is no main landing gear sold separately for the P-40. I tried the 1400mm F4U, but they were too short. I emailed FMS and they said to use the set from the P-40B. But they do not work either! I took measurements of the stock gear (see attached pic) and asked for some help from the forum members with measurements of their systems, but I received no reply, so I decided to disassemble my old set to see if I could remove the shaft and swap it into the E-Retract004 and I did!

Below are a series of Pics showing the steps with descriptios.
I also replaced the wheels with spare ones I had from my FMS 1400mm P-51B Shangri-La, they fit the well perfectly, I just had to open the axle hole with a 3/16" drill bit.

I also borrow a modification from the P-40B thread to change forward "rake" Reading