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Posted by santanig5 | Apr 25, 2015 @ 07:39 PM | 12,063 Views
This is my first contribution to the Master List of other planes with the EFLR310013 SAFE receiver.
The receiver bound with no issues.
There is very little room in the receiver compartment so I installed the reciver on top of the wing.
I rotated the motor 180 degrees to route the ESC leads through the bottom vent and enlarged the top vent to hold the 3S 2200, 3S 4000, and 4S 2500 battery.
I used carbon fiber rods to create a battery tray and one as a battery stop.
I had to install the receiver backwards for SAFE to work correctly with the ailerons, no other changes were needed.
I used a reversing "Y" cable on Aux 2 for both Flaps and Retracts.
See the programming in my blog for the P-51D, I just copied that model on my DX9.